New Winter Adventures for 2018

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Discover four new ways to see the world with our winter adventure trips.

New Winter Adventure Holidays

Germany on Skis

Cross-country skiing in the Black Forest

Surrounded by endless woodland punctuated with impressive alpine vistas, fairytale castle and frozen lakes, you don’t have to be in the snow-dusted Black Forest for very long before seeing how they inspired some of Europe’s ancient folk stories.

It’s here that Sleeping Beauty slumbered, and Hansel and Gretel got lost in the woods. But there’s no way you’ll lose your way on with our experienced guides.

Although you’ll need basic proficiency, it’s not particularly challenging,” says trip manager Claire Oudit. “There’s wonderful scenery and warm hospitality of the hosts. There are great tracks and the distances are really achievable.”

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Challenge Yourself in Poland

Cross-country skiing in Poland

Part of the Worldloppet series, the Bieg Piastow Ski Marathon in Poland runs for 50km through a huge forested area. Famous for its natural undulating tracks, there’s no doubt that this is a challenging trip, so you’ll need previous cross-country skiing experience.

But the rewards for your efforts are many: gorgeous views across the Jizera Mountains, hearty food on which to refuel and a new found love of this memorable region thanks to your expert leader. It’s with them and a group of like-minded companions that you’ll tackle the race itself.

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Best for Border Crossings

Snow-covered mountains of the Balkans

Until 25 years ago and the collapse of the socialist republics that held them so tightly, the Balkans were almost inaccessible to visitors, making snowshoeing in Kosovo, Albania and Montenegro an exciting expedition into the almost unknown.

“We follow a really unexplored snowshoeing route, climbing high to enjoy the views and pristine landscape,” says trip manager Louise Ungless. “It really does make you feel like a pioneer as it covers uncharted, remote areas in three different countries, crossing borders as you go.

It will appeal to those with an adventurous spirit who like to achieve something and learn about local customs when they travel.”

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Arctic Wilderness

Discovering Swedish Lapland

On the frozen shores of the Lulea Archipelago in the Bay of Bothnia awaits Pine Bay Lodge, a traditional Swedish cottage with just nine bedrooms. Here the sea can freeze up to a metre thick, while the tidal currents of the Baltic Sea create an exciting backdrop of broken pack ice, sometimes several metres high.

It’s the perfect wilderness destination for a range of arctic activities including ice-fishing, husky safaris through the forest and snowshoeing across the frozen sea in search of the mesmerising Northern Lights. And of course there’s a sauna!

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