So whos going?

Anyone going on this trip?

I'm all booked up for this trip! Is this your first trip with exodus?


Hi All, I'm going and this going to be my first exodus trip...excited...:-)))

Do you know if we gonna receive any kind of bags for packing?


This will be my first trip with exodus, however bringing a friend who has done quite a few before, so we kinda know what to expect.

 A few weeks before we depart we get an exodus bag, not sure on the size.


According to the Final Joining Instractions I assume we don't have anyone from Exodus waiting for us at Heathrow. Should we meet up at some point or everyone is going to go there on their own and we gonna meet in Marrakech? I don't know, just thought it could be nice to get to know each other before the trek. :-)



My wife and myself are on a toubklal trek leaving on 9th Sept. Its called peaks and valleys of the atlas.

is this the trip you are all on?

cheers ,Craig.


Hi Craig, unfortunately not, look for the TMT trip code, that will be yours. Have a nice time there. :-)


Looking forward to this trip, first time with Exodus but have done other treks.  There are 3 of us, my husband and a friend.  I assume we do not get fed on the planes so will be looking for breakfast in Heathrow!  See you all soon.


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