Amalfi, anybody?


I've just booked myself on this trip, the solo departure near the end of March 2011. I haven't been to Italy before but I'm looking forward to it, and I'reckon that this'll be a good first walking holiday too!

Would like to hear from anyone else who's going.



Hi Paul,

My name is Halina, and I'm booked on this holiday. I've been to Italy before, but never to this region, and I'm really looking forward to it. I've always wanted to see Pompeii.

One of the major benefits of this trip is that I've been inspired to hit the gym to get a bit fitter. The sound of all those stairs is a bit intimidating, though it looks as if we'll be going down more than we'll be going up. Or is that wishful thinking? Anyway, I look forward to seeing you and the rest of our travelling companions. I've been on Exodus holidays before, and they have all been brilliant. I'm sure that this will be no exception. As long as Mount Vesuvius stays quiet!

See you soon,


Hi Halina,

It's a pleasure to meet you :~) I've no idea how long the day walks are but I am fairly confident that I will need to have a rest day (or two!) during the trip to recover. I'd rather walk up steps than down them (less jolting on the joints) but what goes up...

See you in a few weeks,



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