AIC Highlights of Northern India


 Just thought I'd send out a note to see who else was on this trip.

As introduction, my girlfriend and I are both trainee chartered accountants, sitting final exam next week so this is our post exam treat/celebration!

Never been to India before, but very much looking forward to it.  Flying out a day earlier as worked out cheaper with Virgin than Exodus and got an extra day to explore Delhi!!

 Looking forward to meeting you guys!


It was great to read your message. I was hoping someone would turn up in the group. Its my first trip to india asnd I am very excited. I have been warned what to expect- the poverty begging and all that. Yet I know it is going to be a great adventure. I am an solicitor still practising at 60 but believe you me I am still a teenager at heart, and fitter than most guys younger than me. I cycle to work every day and that is why I hope to go on the cylcle tour to Vietnam early next year. I'look forward to seeing you both over there in Dehli. Good luck with your exams. You'll need to celebrate=cheers. James from Swansea, South Wales


Hi Will, James,
I'm also on this trip,it's good to hear from you both. I believe that there are 7 people on the trip (at least I was the seventh when I booked last month)? Any ideas? I'm a lawyer, in my mid 30s and travelling on my own on this trip, for a change.

I've not been to India before, but have been to Nepal and Sri Lanka and can't wait to experience India, not least the food and the trains!

I'm also flying out a day early (on BA), so will meet the leader at the joining hotel on Friday morning. Will, are you doing that too or meeting at the airport? I'm staying elsewhere in Delhi but will get to the Singh Sons hotel for 9.30 am (probably by auto rickshaw!) I'm hoping to do a bit of sight seeing on Thursday, but will leave the main sites to the last day in Delhi, as the trip notes suggest that the leader will organise a tour of the main sites for the group.

Hope your pre-holiday organisation is going well and Will, good luck to you and your girlfriend for your final exams.


Nice to hear from you Carol-another lawyer on the trip-cant be bad. I was the eigth to book and I was told another couple had made made enquires just before me. I do so look forward to meeting you Carol, Will and girlfriend=name? I hope we hear from the others. I really want to hear from someone travelling from heathrow on Thursday 11th.

I just like you have been working quite hard for a long spell and look forward to this holiday. I sincerely hope we are all going to have such a great time in each others company. It is also going to be one hell of an experience experience. Will,I wish you both well in your exams. Just remember its your meal ticket for the rest of your life- go for it. We shall celebrate at some bar. Cheers. James

I spoke to Marcus today at Exodus and he confirmed there are ten of us on the trip. Come on guys I'd like to know who is travelling from heathrow.
See you Will and girlfriend, and you also Carol at Delhi. Not long to go now. Still await return of Visa, otherwise wont be going anywhere! James


When I booked,I was told that there was a group of four travelling together and a couple who had also been confirmed and I think some, if not all, were on the group flights. I am sure someone will be travelling with you, James! Ten sounds like a good number, not too big, but not too small for a group holiday.Visa secured, guide book at the ready, vaccinations updated, packing to start in earnest at the weekend....I start my journey on Tuesday night...

Visa is being delivered at work tomorrow by DX. Last day in work thank god. Wish I had arranged flight day sooner at delhi, but hope to see these ananymous types at heathrow. Joking of course I'm sure they 'll turn out to be a great bunch. I agree Carol 10 is an ideal number. Will and girl friend have gone quite-expect their sitting exams -poor chaps. Never mind, they will come out raring to go. I am so excited at the prospect of gettnig away on this adventure and meeting everyone. Had the injections Hepatitus A and something. Polio and tetanus last year. Just hope to avoid you know what. Not long to go now. Would love to hear from you again before we depart. My journey starts on Wednesday. Stopping overnight in London. No star James.


Hi everyone, I am Natalie, Will's aforementioned girlfriend, Will be great to meet you all, its my last day at work today and very much looking forward to leaving today and getting on with the packing! we're flying wednesday night i think from heathrow with Virgin so will look forward to seeing you all on Thursday, Natalie


Hi Guys!

Sorry for no reply, you correctly guess that we were busy with exams. The girlfriends name is Natalie. Think the exams went well and thank you for your kind wishes of encouragement.

We also went to Sri Lanka last year and absolutely loved it, especially the tea plantations and the food, so much more refined and delicate than the british curry house sloppy thick sauces.

Getting pretty excited now, flight is at 10pm tomorrow evening so going to have the usual battle of excitement and flight movies vs. sleep!!! No doubt the good movies will be on the night flight!!! Will be joining the party at the Singh hotel on the friday morning.

Got the injections last week, visas in, just need to charge up the camera battery and pack the bags (and imodium). What are people taking RE: night sleeper train? have heard varying opinions about sleeping bags, pillow cases etc. Also unsure of what weather to prepare for?!?!

Looking forward to meeting you all soon

Kind regards


nice to hear from you both -hi natalie. Do take sheets for the train ie. single duvet cover or sleeping bag liner, also pillow case. The sheets I am told are not always clean sometimes dirty. You can put your valuable inside for when you are asleep. Take a toilet roll and hand gel/and wipes & bottle of whisky-good to clean teeth and put in water, and a bloody good drink-kills the bugs- if you dont want too much liquid. Visa finally arrived yesterday-thank god so I am on the trip flying Jet airways out of h'throw Thursday -hope to get some sleep. I shall have to track down the anon gang of 6. Shouldnt be too difficult! See you Will, Natalie and Carol Friday morning Delhi: gang of 4. Its a date James 


Good Lord-what email activity! I fly tonight to London (have a darn transatlantic flight) and then to Delhi on Wednesday lunchtime out of LHR arriving at some ungodly hour on Thursday morning. I am not looking forward to the ridiculous flights, the transfer between Gatwick and Heathrow at rush hour tomorrow and serious jetlag. Nice.Will+Natalie, I will see you about 9.30am at Singh Sons on Friday morning. I have a sleeping bag sheet liner for the train, good call on the pillowcase (will get that tonight). I have heard that you basically sleep in your clothes on the train, friend was travelling on the trains this summer ( although I am secretly hoping it's like the Orient Express, but expect my hopes to be dashed!) Safe travels to everyone. See you on Friday!

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