Everest Base camp + Gokyo

Hi all,

Is there anybody who has already booked or planning to book the trip from March 10 - 28?
I am from the Netherlands, 25 years old, and thinking of booking this trip. I've had great experiences with group hikes and even though it's much more expensive, they usually are a lot more fun as well!

Hi Kelly, I'm booked on the trip after this one, 23rd March - 11th April, it's being led by the legendary Valerie Parkinson and is also guaranteed to run!!

Hi! Yeah I am thinking of booking the trip from March 9th to 28th but its still not guaranteed to run!! These are the only dates I can do at the moment so hoping things work out.
I am 27 from England and have been dreaming of doing this trip since my Dad did it 15 years ago!

Hi Joel,

Good to hear there's at least one other person! So sad to see it's not guarenteed yet huh..
It's a bit silly, but I book Exodus trough a Dutch travel agency, but it doesn't work the other way around, i don't think people from aboard can book this agency even though they are sister-companies. While the Dutch agency only needs 2 more bookings for this trek starting on March 3rd.. :\ i'm really hoping that at least one of these is guarenteed, would be such a shame if we can't go, i'm also super excited for this! especially cus I leave for New Zealand in 3 weeks for my long trip and hope to have something booked before I leave....

Hi Kelly,

I rang Exodus and they told me that 2 people are already booked on this trip and that they only need a total of 4 people before it is guaranteed so I booked on it. Only need one more person now so it looks like it should go ahead!!

Where in New Zealand are you going?...I did a bit around the South Island earlier this year, its a great place!

The last comment was me by the way!!! Haha!


That's great news, yay!

I am going to both North and South islands. Staying up north for about 2,5 weeks, South island will be 5,5 weeks :-) I have a couple of day hikes and the Kepler track planned to lots of training. After NZ i'm going straight to Nepal and staying in Pokhara first and after that the Everest trekking

Wow! Sounds like you've got some awesome trips lined up!! I am jealous. The scenery over in NZ is incredible and there are so many activities to do..its an adventurers paradise! I did plenty of day hikes, hang gliding, bungee jumping, ferry trips, sat up all night looking at the stars from the top of a hill at Lake Tekapo...all sorts!! Amazing! I would like to go back and do the North Island...but this year I am having to settle for just this trip! Hahaha. Add me on Facebook..Joel McCann, my profile pic is me at lake near Mount Cook!

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Hello Joel and Kelly,

I'm the Product Manager at Exodus for Nepal and I've just seen your comments about the 9th March date, so I thought I'd jump in to let you know that although there are currently only 3 people booked on, this date is now guaranteed to run. I did this route a few years ago and it is still the best trek I've ever done! Enjoy.


Hi Jenny,

Thanks for the update, thats great news!
Really looking forward to the trip!!


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