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Calling all landscape lovers: Switzerland is picturesque valleys, jagged mountains and jewel-like lakes

Adventure Holidays in Switzerland

Home to some of the most dramatic mountains in Europe, a holiday in Switzerland is an astoundingly beautiful experience. Bordering Germany, France, Austria and Italy – four languages are spoken here – and you’re unlikely to travel far into the Alps without meandering into another country. During the summer months there’s challenging – and not so challenging – Walking and Trekking on offer, with spectacular views. Whether you climb Eiger, Jungfrau, Matterhorn or Monch you’ll hike along well-marked trails amongst stunning Alpine flowers. The treks of the Jungfrau and Haute Route are considered the best in Europe. They comprise of sparsely populated rugged tracks scattered with glacial lakes, high passes, green valleys and flowering meadows. Arguably it’s also the birth place of winter tourism, and highlights of the winter calendar include the Endagin Ski Marathon and Jura Cross-country Ski Tour.

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Switzerland Adventure Holidays

Highlights of Switzerland

Summer: self-guided trekking in Mont Blanc. From the remote wilderness of the mountains to the rich culture of the towns and valleys. As well as spectacular scenery, on this classic circuit through France, Switzerland and Italy there’s sumptuous cheeses, velvety chocolate and fabulous walking on offer.

Winter: a cross-country skiing adventure, either in the Endagin Ski Marathon or Jura Cross-country Ski Tour. You’ll get to explore the Jura mountains, and the beautiful and remote Jura plateau, staying overnight in a beautiful remote mountain refuge. Or take on the famous 42km ski marathon, with a week to get to know the course and one of our excellent leaders to help you through.

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