Jae Hopkins

Jae Hopkins

Jae’s first independent trip was cycling around Holland with a friend in the school summer holidays aged sixteen. She says the most useful lesson she’s ever learnt was losing every travel document – passport, tickets, visas, travellers cheques etc – while in Thailand; the friendliness and generosity of everyone she encountered as a result taught her that the huge majority of people in the world will go out of their way for others. Since then she’s summited Mount Toubkal and Kilimanjaro, walked the Amalfi Coast and revisited the cycling, but this time in China.

How to Climb Mount Toubkal With All Your Friends and None of the Hassle

My Facebook feed was full of people asking the same sort of question. “Shall I do Tough Mudder this year?” “Is this the year I actually try to run a marathon?” People were looking for a challenge.

It was January. It was cold, the daylight hours were short and the gluttony of Christmas had taken its toll. We were all looking for something to look forward to, something to make this year special, extraordinary. It felt like the moment.

I put a post on my Facebook timeline, wondering whether anyone would answer.

Me & My Ma!

I’m just back from walking the Amalfi Coast with my Ma. It's been such a treat to spend a week with her. Though we've been on holiday together innumerable times, we’ve always been with other people – husbands, grandparents, cousins, sisters, friends, children - never just the two of us.

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