Who is Trekking the Markha Valley in Sept?

Hello Friends...

 I thought it might be worth a shot to see if any of my future trip mates are on here!

It might be fun to pass a message or two back and fourth about our upcoming adventure. I am very excited for this trip and look forward to meeting you all!


Hi Sarah

I posted about the July departure ages ago and have only heard from our leader - hope you get some replies! I'm off there in July - going a few days early to explore Delhi and acclimatise - am soo excited - the kit bag has arrived and the jabs are done.

I keep sneaking a look at some of the youtube clips of the trek - looks stunning.

Will let you know how it goes, and keep an eye on whether you are luckier than me in getting a conversation going!


hi sarah

i am also booked on the september trip, looking forward to it.

i love india been a few times now, and walking is one of my passions. get a feel of the country more than stuck in a bus.





Thanks for posting... I would love to hear about how your trek goes in July! Definaltly keep me posted... Is this your first trip to India?

 I am from Canada so I don't get a kit bag :( Am I missing out?







 Great to hear from you! I am looking forward to the trip as well. It will be the start of a 2.5 month adventure of travel in India. Are you staying on after the trek?


Where are you from?


Are you bringing your camping gear or renting it there?





hi sarah

no i am just doing this trip it is hard to get too much time off work.i am from england, i see you are coming from a fair distance. i will be bringing my own sleeping bag, takes up a bit of room, but the small one i have i got cold with in nepal.

good to hear from a fellow traveler


The trek was superb! We were well acclimatised but the first day in Leh is a shock as everything is solo much effort! The scenery is amazing and well worth seeing as monasteries as possible-culturally fascinating. The weather was good for us and only really cold up high on a couple of nights. The food on the trek was amazing-pizza and chips followed by apple crumble and custard one night, as well as wonderful deals. A great trek-enjoy! and post back with your experience of it

Solo much effort
As many monasteries as poss
Wonderful deals!


Oh lawks-dhals!

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