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Just back yestaerday from this trip. Take lots of warm clothing with you, its unseasonably cold and very very foggy. I wore 8 layers on 2 of the days. Take the biggest padded gel seat you can find as the roads are not good and the rides are long on some days and make sure you take something to cover your faces. We all suffered with a chest virus made really bad by the pollution which can be bad even in the backroads.Other than that its brilliant. You will have one of the best guides ever called Sanjay who has a great sense of humour.Just ask him each morning how much "uppy uppy uppy there is". Its all go with usually 45 mins to get ready for dinner as you arrive at every stop. Take plenty of anti-bac hand gel which seemed to work for us as only one of us got the dreaded belly upset. Also take plenty of tissues and wet wipes and a torch. The food is great throughout and the Chai stops addictive.  Enjoy it all



Will pack lots of layers. Might consider gauzy face or nose mask without affecting breathing.


Its a brillaint trip but we all suffered chest/cold infections which was not helped by the pollution. Most of us wore the multi way scarf that can be used to keep your head and ears warm as well as protecting the mouth and nose. Heavens knows what we would have been like without them. Also if your doctor will let you have any i was helped by taking antibiotics with me. The bizzare things is on the odd afternoons the temp must have hit 25-26c and that was after a freezing morning and the sun not making an apperance until 1130ish. The temp starts to drop in the evnings about 4pm and you can sometimes be cycling till 6pm but there is plenty of opportunity to stip down or add layers at each stop as the coach is always behind the slowest rider and there is no pressure on anyone to be ultra fast apart from the afternoon ride after the Jain Temple as you need to get to the end before dusk as it would be quite dangerous. Thats lots of uppy uppy uppy and downy downy downy :-)

You will love it i am sure, i did. 


Take warm trousers for Sariska, we had a heavy frost on our game drive ! I wasn't sure i was in India it was so bizzare but that afternoon we sat round the pool in a beautiful temperature. Work that one out !


The multi-way scarf is a great suggestion! Is this something you bought in India or did you get this before travelling? I will check out our travelling/camping shops for something like this.


I have had it for years but you can buy them in any outdoor clothing shop. Go onto the Nomad Travel website and look at the "Buff" headwear, there are 2 of them one Merino but both are the same type of scarf we all used. Great for keeping youre head and ears warm in the morning whilst also covering your mouth and nose and if its really hot its great for covering the back of your neck. Make sure you also have good wrapwround eyewear too. Some of fellow team mates had the ones that were clear and then changed to the conditions of the light which meant that they could wear them on foggy mornings ( as every morning was) where as my wraparounds were the traditional black sunglasses, no good for most of the day till the sun came out and resulted in plenty of dust etc getting in my eyes.

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