Chulu Far East TNY

Hi, just booked this trip, still 6 months away but really looking forward to getting back amongst the mountains.  Anyone else out there?  Mark.


I'm down for this one. Should be a good trip.



greetings, the trip will soon be apon us, , anyone know how many are on it


Good to hear from you.  No idea, I haven't asked, all I know now are the 3 of us that have posted here.  Finally finished getting all my new bits of kit necessary for this trip, now all I have to do is get fit.


i believe there are 6 of us on this trip so far . time is getting short ,better up the training I think


A room/tent each then!!!  Got my visa sorted yesterday, just need the Exodus kit bag and I'm ready.


ive read on jet air the lugauge allowance is 30 kgs, any one know anything different ? 


hows everyones traing going



Hi its Valerie here, your leader. There are 8 on the trip at the moment. Re luggage - I just called Jet and the allowance is 30kg. You check your luggage in at Heathrow all the way so you get the 30kg. If you want to double check call them and quote your flight and ask. I have 30kg to take out anyhow and you do not pick luggage up in Delhi - it goes straight through.

Any queries re equipment post here or mail me

[email protected]

I am in the UK now till 13 Oct and after that will be in Ktm 


Great to hear from you Valerie, and thanks for the info.  The Trip Notes say 20Kg too, but if Jet says 30Kg then that's great, I can pack all my chocolate after all.  Really looking forward to meeting you and the group.


Hi Valerie, I was on your Stok trip back in 2007. Looking forward to Nepal. Just a couple of quick questions. Do you think it's best to get visa here or on arrival in Kathmandu? Also re boots for summit. I have a very ancient 1990's pair of Scarpa Vegas. They're not the ones with high altitude liners. Do you think they will be sufficient?


Hi John,

Valerie knows best, but my personal experience has been that there can be slow queues at Kathmandu to get the visa locally, and after a long flight it's nice to turn up with that sorted already, but on the other hand it's likely to be cheaper at Kathmandu.



I always get my visa on arrival. Often there are long queues but sometimes you hit lucky. Get off the plane quick and head straight for the Q picking up a form on the way and fill it in whilst in the Q - you need 1 photo. We have to wait for all clients before we go to the hotel and some will get visas on arrival anyhow so you either wait inside or out.

Re boots - you really need double boots for the cold so maybe best to hire plastics in Ktm. If there is lots of snow and its cold you will need the double boots. Toe warmers good idea as well. I am off to Ktm 13 Oct so will see you all at the airport. 


omg , anyone else struggling to get all their kit in the kit bag, bit small !!!!!! helmet boots axe etc ,


any how see you all soon




Yep, not only space, but the 10Kg limit on the kit bag whilst on trek is a struggle too, just the basics account for most of the weight.  Going to be doing a trial pack this weekend - I'm weighing every item as I go to get an accurate total weight - my back bedroom is an explosion of trekking kit and clothes. 


you may want to check the trip notes ,they say 15kg . ive rung jet air lines and 30kg max but two hold bags is ok (apparently ) plus 7kg of hand (including laptop case) , please check for yourselves, im going to pack in two bags but to be sure im ensuring it will all go in one , jic.   all good fun , happy days .  


Hi, I checked with Exodus, and whilst on trek (limit for the flight back from Jomsom) the TOTAL weight limit is 15Kg, that's 10Kg for the kit bag and 5Kg for the rucksack.  I didn't believe it at first which is why I checked with Exodus (Gosia Knas, quote below).  This excludes the climbing stuff of course.

"10kg checked in luggage and 5kg hand luggage are for internal flight, all together is 15kg and this is the luggage allowance for your trek as well." 

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