AXW - A Week in Jordan 2 March

Hi, just wondering if there was anyone else out there going on this trip? Have heard great things about Jordan so reallt looking forward to it.


My Wife and I are booked on the trip leaving on 2nd March.  Yes wes are starting to get excited too - can't wait!


Hi Katie /Nick, 

Just booked onto this trip - looking forward to a week away.  I will be flying from Manchester then meeting the group flight in London.

See you all at Airport.



Just done final shopping for trip. See you at the airport Really looking forward to it. Hetty

Roll on this time in 2 weeks! Have to confess to being very unsure what to pack as it looks as if the temperature will vary quite a bit from place to place.

Just been looking at the weather and it's supposed to get hotter (22 deg+) towards the end of the trip.

But still quiet cool in the evenings.  Either way alot nicer than the UK at the moment.




Hello! My boyfriend and I will also be on this trip! I'm also unsure what to pack as I've seen the varying temps too. I'm also unsure as to whether it's generally ok for women to wear shorts, vest tops etc without covering up. I've heard mixed opinions.


Has anyone got any advice on essentials to pack apart from the obvious? And is anyone going to be taking a sleeping bag?


See you soon!

Hi Rebecca, 

I think the usual thing is to keep shoulders covered, but that can be with a scarf.  I would think you can wear what you like in the desert region. I'm sure the guide will be able to advise on what's appropriate in each region.

I am throwing my sleeping bag in my suitcase as it packs quite small.  Also a torch for the desert at night is useful.

I'd take some mosquito repellent as well.




Hi Rich,

Thanks for the tip on mosquito repellent, I wouldn't have even thought about that!

I've just re-read the trip notes and a sleeping bag is only optional. I may give it a miss seeing as though it's not needed.


Getting so excited now!

Still not sure what to pack as it looks to be varying between 0 - 38 degrees!

Bex - When I travel to countries like this I tend to take a lot of long sleeve tops and at least three quarter length trousers to make sure I don't offend anyone or get hassled too much. Although having said that, half the time most people are going around in shorts and vest tops! May be best to take both and see what the guide says and what other people do. Just make sure you always have something to cover up with if needed as often they won't let you into places if you don't have the top of your arms and down to your knees covered.

I was worried about the sleeping bag situation as I don't have one and didn't really want to have to bring one anyway and Exodus have arranged for me to hire one as they advised I may be a bit cold without one at this time of the year but they do provide blankets etc.

A good essential is some toilet paper (just for some remote toilet stops) and anti-bac handwash or wipes. 

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