Indochina cycling trip - 20 September

Hi - anyone out there joining me on this trip?  First time on an exodus holiday for me and looking forward to meeting you all...!



Hey there Dom.

 Jason here - you bet.  My wife and I will be on that trip too.   Its my first cycling trip and her second one, so i'm not too sure what to expect but either way we're both pretty excited about it.



Dom Holmes

Any advice on stuff to take would be much appreciated - in terms of cycling gear, I was thinking just a helmet, gloves and water bottle... anything else I will definitely need...?

Love the website - some quite useful stuff on there, although I worry slightly about a man who calls himself "Mr Pumpy"...

All the best,


Hi, also booked, my 4th cycle trip with Exodus, so guess they can't be too bad.

Arriving Friday 19th Sept in BKK, anyone else arriving early fancy meeting up for a beer.



Glad to see there are some more people on the forum for this trip :)


Gday folks, Jason here.


My wife and I plan to arrive on the 19th also, our flight from Japan leaves about 0100, so  should be at the hotel some time in the morning of the 19th.


As far as gear goes, i plan on bringing some spare tubes and a couple of tire levers, a small set of hex keys, and then the obligatory helmet and water bottles.  When my wife did her last trip with Exodus she used a Camelbak and now she swears by them - i'm not too sure though, i dont like things on my back when its warm.  Oh and now i think about it, i'll be bringing a lock too, just to secure the bikes should we decide to leg it some where.


If anyone wants you can contact me at [email protected], thats one of the accounts i check regularly, i dont often visit online forums so feel free to message away.


Looking forward to meeting you all soon.




Good point Dom - nice find!


I work for All Nippon Airways in Osaka and as a result my wife and i will be travelling on 'Standby' (read Open) tickets.


I just called the consulate here in Osaka and i was informed that we could be in some serious trouble.  You must have confirmed outbound tickets from Thailand to be exempt, and to apply for a visa we need to show route/s of travel, intended itenerary if we plan on travelling outside of Thailand, and get this proof that we have 5000USD each in our bank accounts!!!!!!


I'm not sure how we are going to get around this but we could be in a spot of bother!  I've never heard of this before.


Having said all of this, this is from the consulate in Osaka, i will call Tokyo tomorrow and see if i can get someone who speaks better english and see what comes from that conversation.



Dom Holmes

Good luck Jase - all sounds a bit OTT to me - we're only going to be there for about 4 days...  not sure there's anything I can do to assist but do let me know if I can. 

 If you want someone who speaks good English and might know the answer, try calling the Royal Thai Consulate here in the UK - 0044 121 643 9481.

Hi All

We went on the trip in February and didn't need a visa for Thailand then. We joined the trip in Bangkok  where we had been booked into the Royal Benja Hotel by Exodus. If anyone is staying there and wants  info I would be glad to help.

The trip was great and very thought provoking.


Andy Prickett


Well after many calls to numerous Consulates i've decided NOT to organise a visa for Thailand.

 It seems to depend on which consulate you talk to.  One will say one thing the other will say another thing.  I finally rang the Thai Embassy in OZ and they seemed to think they were just trying to get some cash out of me (hehe).


Anyway, only 2 weeks to go now and my wife and i are getting excited.  We see on the news some unrest in BKK though, that should make things interesting.


hi All

just id drop a post before we all head off

this is my first trip with exodus too and looking forward to it - although dont think im flying with you all on the 20th, im on a earlier flight arriving 4 hours before everyone - so at bangkok airport if you see some one looking very tired and lost that will be me!!!!





Hi Everyone,

 I'm very much looking forward to this trip and meeting everyone.  It's my first cycling holiday and first exodus trip.  Is anyone else catching the flight from Heathrow on 20th and want to arrange a meeting point so we can get to meet up before we arrive in Bangkok? 


Dom Holmes

Great idea about a meet-up - not sure where though - anyone know any particularly exciting attractions at our terminal at Heathrow (T3 if I recall)?  Or should we meet before check-in?

I'll have my mobile with me so happy to arrange to meet up on the day - my number is 07736 876738.  Emma - hope you're not stuck waiting at Bangkok airport for too long.

Will be great to meet you all... it's just dawned on me that this is about a week away...!

All the best,


 Yep ill have been waiting for at least 4 hours in Bangkok before you all arrive not sure if there is anything close to go and sight see but at 6am im not sure too much will be open

cant believe its only a week to go


Hi guys, Jason again.  Yep, under a week to go.  I'm getting pretty excited too.  Jess and i have so much left to do before we go its not funny.  Since we are bringing our bikes from Japan i have to get them all boxed up etc, and then comes the regular packing.  Since we are travelling to BKK from within Asia our baggage allowance is tiny, so we have to be careful about how much we bring (yikes).


So just to confirm for those who will be arriving in BKK a day or so early, Jess and I should be at the hotel some time in morning of the 19th.  Our flight arrives from Osaka at 0515 (or something like that) - now that i think of i, i hope the hotel can check us in that early.  So if you want to meet just leave a message at reception, or i guess just reply here - since you are reading the forum anyway :)


Fun times ahead, fun times ahead!!

 I look forward to meeting you all.  By the way, this may sound silly but are you all Britts?  I'm an Aussie (Argh!, i hear you say) and Jess is Canadian.






Hi Jason, I am flying from Glasgow via Heathrow arriving in Bangkok on Friday 19th at 15:15. I am staying at the Royal Benja and would like to meet up.

Oh...and I am Scottish.

Stephen ([email protected])



Hi - the instructions say to arrive at the check-in desk at least 3 hours before departure so how about those of us flying on the 1200 flight from heathrow on saturday meet at 8.45am at the Malaysian airlines check-in desk????   Unless anyone knows of a better meeting place as I don't know heathrow airport very well.

I'm from Newcastle and will be flying down the night before and staying with my brother who lives in London.  I'm so excited that it's less than a week to go.  Look forward to meeting you all (either at heathrow or later in Bangkok!)


Dom Holmes

Sounds like a good plan to me - 8.45 at the check-in desk it is.  I may be a few minutes later than that - I live in Guildford so getting a bus from Woking to Heathrow - due to arrive at 8.30 but I'm not getting my hopes up...! And then it's a 10 min transfer from the bus station to T3.

ill see you there - ill be in Thai airways rather leaving Heathrow 12.30 ish direct flight to BKK hence arriving 4 hours before you guys.

padded shorts at the ready !


ps im a brit from Stoke living in London




Wee piece of advice, make sure the padded shorts are in your hand luggage.

Last Exodus cycling trip, bag missed the flight and because you are travelling around, it is difficult to get re-united (it took 4 days).



Dom Holmes

Padded goods will definitely make it into the hand luggage in that case...!  I've gone for the padded saddle cover option...

 Hope the packing is going well for you all... see you all on Saturday/Sunday!

 PS.  I'm an Englishman from sunny Bournemouth, now living in Guildford (although one-quarter of me is from Belgium).

Going back a few posts, I saw that there was some confusion about visas for Thailand. You don't need them. Technically, anyone entering Thailand needs to show that they have organised flights to leave Thailand and proof of sufficient money to fund your stay. On the flight in, you will given a boarding card to complete and this requests the flight numbers of your inbound and outbound flights. That's the only proof they'll ever request. I've been in and out of Thailand about ten times in 3 years and the immigration process is always quick and involves no more than a cursory look at your passport, a quick check to see that you've filled your immigration card in. Then you'll be on your way to collect your baggage. Whilst the information you've been given about having an onward flight organised is technically correct, it's not enforced. The large expat community living in Bangkok who have never organised a permanent visa and just cross the border every 30 days to get another 30 days stamp in their passport are proof of that!

Have a great trip - South East Asia is my favourite part of the world..... 


....following on from that, my answer is based on British passport holders. Our trip notes are also written for British passport holders, so other nationalities need to check the visa requirements for themselves because we can't possibly keep track of the rules and regulations for every nationality. Whilst the rules may be different for Australians and Canadians, I believe the approach to granting you 30 days is exactly the same.

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