Louise Ungless

Meet Louise Ungless

Louise’s passion for travel and adventure started when she was 17, inter-railing around Europe with a backpack for the Summer. Since then she has lived, worked and studied in a variety of places, including India, South Korea and Ghana, gaining experiences that would prove invaluable in her current role as Product Manager at Exodus. She continues to explore the world whenever she can, always looking for her next adventure.

One Night In...An Albanian Trout Farm

Albania was cut off from the rest of the world for almost half a century. It’s only relatively recently it has opened its doors to travellers – so how do you gain a real insight into this culture? The answer is simple: go rural. You can’t get any more rural than staying at a working trout farm. For a country where the economy is predominantly agricultural, very few tourists venture off to the family-run farms and guesthouses within the villages – and they’re missing a trick.

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