Kili Lemosho Route

Less than four weeks to go. Will be good to make contact with other members of the trip, come and say hello. I have a 8pm Heathrow to Nairobi, Kenyan Airways flight on 24th, anybody on the same flight? Glynn.


Hi Glyn!  I'm also leaving at 8 pm LHR terminal 4 on Kenyan Airlines.  I was on the other screen but have just found your new one.  Yesterday I learnt that we are 7 in total, 4 male and 3 female with 3 members in their 30 s.  Not me I hasten to add, I have a bus pass.  Have been feeling very nervous but am now getting excited at last.

I'm catching the airport bus from Woking and planning to reach HLR at the suggested 2 and a half hours before.  I'm new to Exodus and my last hiking was in the Lakes, but friends who did the trip last year and a 19 year old just returned, all tell me I'll love it.  See you soon!

Hi Picalino, I'll be at T4 around 1530, miles too early I know, but I am catching a bus up from Cornwall. I don't fancy the drive home after the return flight. Spent a day out on Dartmoor yesterday which has only made me realise how much more I need to do, luckily I have a couple more days planned in before we go. Had a practice pack last night, again too early but its going to take a couple of attempts, its a tight squeeze, plus it's reminded me of few items I still need. It does seem that we have a small group but I quite like that idea.


Hope packing and hiking going well.  I'm on a choral week this week so lots of sitting and eating but also lots of diaphragm work which just might help the altitude problem and at least I'm too busy to worry about the trip for a few days.  See you soon.

Hi Picalino, Just looked at our trip on the Exodus main site and there are now only 4 places left out of 15. We might have some new members. Brave of you to pick a lung busting week before we go, as if one on the mountain is not enough.

Just spoke to Exodus, group is now up to 10, 5 male and 5 female with 1 provisional booking. How's the singing and eating going?


That's great we have a few more in the group.  Singing's been a frantic learning curve this week but final performance is on Sat in G'ford cathedral and they even give us a picnic to take with us: more food.  It'll be very different on the mountain.  All my friends think I'm crazy to attempt it.  How about your's?

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