Inca Trail & Amazon Forest


Anyone booked onto this trip leaving on 5 Oct this year?


I just booked on this today for the 5th Oct. Are you on this one? Or still trying to decide whether or not to book?

Should be a really good trip & I am really looking forward to it, one of my friends did it a few years back and said it was just amazing.


Hi both.

Myself, Doug and Ray should be booked on this one - an Englishman, a Scotsman and a Canadian. We're part of a group who did Kili last September, and had the Incas recommended by others in the trip. Really looking forward to this one - a real Amazon Adventure. 




This will be my first proper 'adventure' . Long overdue. 

Hi Guys,

I was starting to think nobody was using the forum, so it's great to see you all on here and it looks like that's 5 or 6 of us accounted for. Not too sure how many are booked.

I was thinking of bringing my own sleeping bag, but after thinking about it I'm not sure if I wouldn't be better hiring one and bringing a liner as it's just something else to lug around. What are you guys doing?

Also does anyone know if sleeping mats are provided if you bring your own sleeping bag? Anyone Know?

October can't come soon enough.


Hi.  I'm also booked on this edan, its my first proper adventure holiday...can't wait! Leo, I haven't even started to think about what to bring! 

It will certainly be an adventure :)

Hi...seems like our trip is full now.  All I have to do is get fit!!


Hi...seems like our trip is full now.  All I have to do is get fit!!



Hi everyone. Really looking forward to this adventure too. I had a week in Morocco with Exodus over Xmas last year - hadd a great week & met some really nice people.  A couple I met on the Morocco trip had also been on this trip & highly recommended it too. My last trip was so well organised it made travelling solo really comfortable for me - looking forward to meeting you all in October :-)



Another one accounted for... booked this a few months ago - really starting to look forward to it now. Need to get fitness sorted sharpish I think..... 

Hi everyone, nice to see a few more of the group on here :)

Edan - FB page is a great idea


Ive joined the Face Book group - so see you on 'the other side' too maybe. I've started making a bit more of an effort in the gym & hope to be on good form by October :-/ 


Just joined the forum!!

I have been feeling lonely trying to get ready for this trip and now I am excited to meet you all.

I will try not to be the labrador puppy that rushes up to you and gives you all a lick!!

There are 4 Helen's going apparently so...... 'hello the Helen's' 

 Is anyone flying from Heathrow?

Come and say Hi. 


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