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Can anyone let me know if they will be joining us on this trip?

Hi there,

my husband Mike and I will be joining you on the trip...we are so looking forward to it as we have never travelled to Nepal before. Lots of hill walking going on at the moment, trying to get the fitness level up. 


Hey Guys this is me your Leader Pasang Sherpa!!! well if there is anything that you would like to know before you guys get here then please do feel free to ask me.


Hi Sue,

Both my husband James and I are really looking forward to this trip too. We've also been doing lots a walking and climbed Snowdon recently. It was hard but good fun. Doing another practice run soon again in Wales. We're more used to relaxing beach holidays so this will be a challenge!


Hi Catherine,

we also climbed Snowdon recently...we probably passed you :) Not quite sure we are getting the right things together for the trip but I do know I am spending far too much time in Boots collecting medical stuff!!!! Mike thinks I won't have any weight left in my bag for clothes haha!

As we live 5 miles inside Wales we have been going to Cadair is a great place to practice as it has lots of stone steps!

nice to talk to you, 



Hello again Sue,

Sounds like you've been doing an awful lot of practising! You will be leaving us far behind!!

Are you flying out from Heathrow or are you from Cardiff and meeting up in Katmandu?

We live very near Heathrow so its easy for us. Not too many hills around to practice on though!!

Haven't even began to think about the  kit list, but I suppose I'd better make a start soon!  

 Speak again soon!



Hey Catherine,

Not so much practising (but lots of enthusiasm haha!!). Yes we are flying from Heathrow, it takes about 2-3 hours from where we live (near Shrewsbury) so it is not such a bad journey, Mike works out of an office very close to Heathrow so we get to park up :) 

Sooo excited now, it's only 7 weeks...when you think I am already writing my Xmas list...yes! I am that organised (it's my nature) I'll probably be packed next week...Mike on the other hand will pack the night before.

This is Mike's 50th bucket list holiday, so let's hope our knees hold out at our ripe old age hahaha!

Good luck with the kit is rather long!



Hi Sue,

Yes, I am very excited too! Trying to get some practise in but its hard to fit it around the family. My son has just gone off to Uni so perhaps that will free up a bit more time!

Spoke to the chap in Cotswold shop today about kit list etc, he has done this walk and will advise me - tells me the sights are fantastic and that it is such a great trip to do.

Can't even think about Xmas! It will be gift vouchers all round if I don't get sorted when I get back!

Counting off the weeks now and can't wait ( with intrepedation)!!!




Hey Catherine,

Less than 3 weeks to go...I've been practicing filling my Exodus bag (unfortunately I can't fit my makeup bag in never mind walking clothes haha!!)

Seriously, it is a challenge packing for this trip but i am being ruthless and think I will manage.

We were always in Cotswolds seems they are going to do well out of this trip!!!

We are a little confused with how much money to take, and how much we will need on the walk, guess we are going to have to wing it.

Not done any serious walks for a while so we may need to take a rope so Mike can drag me up the steps haha!!!

Look forward to meeting you soon,



Hi, getting very excited now - also a bit apprehensive!!

The kit bags don't seem that big but we used them last weekend when we went to Brecon and were surprised by how much you could squeeze in!

Don't think you will need much make-up by the sounds of it!

Some face wipes for the hard sweat more likely!

We were told by a friend who went recenly to make sure to take lots of loo rolls - that will take up a lot a space - everyone seems to get tummy problems!!!! Thats the downside a suppose! 

She did say it was hard going but certainly worth it and that she would do it all again! Made me feel a lot more confident!

Anyway not looking forward to the journey - don't particularly like flying as I can't sleep on a plane - need a good bottle of wine at airport - might help!

See you soon!




Hi Catherine,

 Don't worry about the tummy bugs...just think how much weight we will lose, and we can eat all we like :)

Found some flat pack toilet tissue in Tesco...not quite Andrex but depends on how you want to use your space...Mike likes his creature comforts so he may suffer :) 

I will look for you in the bar at the airport...probably not much drinking after that if we plan to make it all the way haha!!!

Remember Catherine we are going to enjoy ourselves so don't worry, we will stagger up together WITH NO MAKEUP...:) 

not long now,



Hi Sue,

Sorry I have not been in touch for a while - been battling to get rid of dreadful cold - finally beginning to feel normal again!!

On the last hurdle now - really looking forward to the trip but don't know how everything is supposed to fit into the kit bag.

Made a mistake of reading through a book by Michael Palin in Nepal - shows all the stairs we have to climb!!!!

See you at airport on Friday.

Catherine x




Hi Catherine,

How strange, me and Mike have been down with colds...and Mike had man flu!!!! We have done very little for the last 2 weeks just trying to build ourselves up.

We also have the Palin book on advice is don't look haha!

I have unpacked my kit bag yesterday because Mike said I would break the sherpa's back!!! I have cut my packing in half and figure if I am short of anything I can probably pick stuff up or smell funny lol.

Can't wait now...just packing my snickers (which weigh a ton) bang goes the diet!

See you at the airport, don't forget your passport and money (anything else you can sort on route:)




Hi Sue,


The day has finally arrived and I am now in a panic. Those kitbags don't hold much once boots, sleeping bags and jackets are in!

I'll see you at the airport looking like the michelin man with ALL my clothes on.

If you get this message we shall be heading to the champagne bar once we've done our duty free shopping.

Look forward to meeting up with you later!


Catherine x


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