Walking, Andalucia, Spain

Ages 5 - 8 Years

Designed for ages 5 - 8 Years

Our carefully considered age ranges indicate which children out trips best suit, taking into consideration the climate, amount of travel involved and more. We’ve added secondary ranges to give families with more than one child room to manoeuvre without compromising on fun!

Travellers in this age group can expect leisurely breaks and free mornings when there are full-day activities — including walking — or late arrivals. You won’t find cycling trips in this bracket, challenging climates or too much travelling between destinations. There won’t be any hotel-hopping either. All cultural experiences will be interactive and immersive, fun and educational. You can expect triple, quad or adjoining rooms with air-conditioning and early meal times with some (but not exclusively) local dishes to try.

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Trips for ages 5 - 8 years

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