Coral Reef and Sea Turtle

Marine Wildlife

Imagine the splash of a blue whale’s tale, so close to your boat you can feel the spray. Or a humpback explosively exhaling next to a gigantic cobalt-blue iceberg. These vast animals, the size of five double decker buses or more, are kings of the underwater food chain, yet seven out of 13 great whale species are endangered.

Whales, be they Humpbacks, Blues, Orcas, Minkes or Fins can be seen in diverse environments, from the icy waters of the Arctic Ocean and bays of Antarctica to the tropical waters off Sri Lanka. Streamlined, intelligent and fascinating, these underwater monoliths have an enduring appeal that has sparked legends and stories for centuries. 

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Marine Wildlife Adventure Holidays

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On a marine life holiday with Exodus you can go in search of countless endangered marine species, from manatees and sea turtles to the largest fish on the planet, the Whale shark.

What you can expect

  • Visit natural phenomenons
  • Snorkel beautiful bays and coves
  • Witness a spectacular number of seabirds
  • Experience the Northern Lights in the Arctic
  • Observe the largest mammals on the planet with experts that provide valuable information
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