Sister Act: A Self-Guided Walking Adventure in Sardinia

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Chelley and Charlie's holiday lust lists couldn’t be more different. While they shared the desire to spend quality time together, adventure lover Charlie had to convince beach-loving Chelley to swap the sun-lounger for walking boots. Their trip to Sardinia meant covering more than 50 miles on foot, even climbing mountains, and Chelley had to step up to the challenge...

Chelley: I thought it would be a nice "walking" holiday maybe with some flat paths along scenic vistas…

Charlie: I played it down on purpose to get her involved. I recognise Chelley as one of the toughest people I know, and I knew she’d be able to do it if she put her mind to it.

Chelley: I wouldn't change it for the world! Feeling like you're doing proper walks on some fabulous terrain; the views and scenery were spectacular.

Charlie: Sardinia as a place is such an incredibly mountainous island, there are breath-taking views around every corner. Some days we only saw six other people. It’s so special, it felt like we had the island to ourselves.

Chelley: It was exciting to figure out the routes, and a real sense of achievement when we completed them each day.

Charlie: We had the freedom to walk and explore at whatever pace we chose. You can take a break when you like, so if you know there’s something special at the end of your day walking you can set off early to spend more time there.

Chelley: We completed one route down to a town in good time so had a spot of lunch at a restaurant next to the beach, and chilled there for a few hours so we could reflect. It was a great thing to do mid-holiday.

Charlie: I’m a notoriously fussy eater, but the food was excellent. So fresh. Lots of the hotels are producing their own ingredients, or buying from neighbours.

Chelley: In one of the hotels, we had a little bungalow room with the most incredible views over the town below and mountains around us. And everyone was so welcoming.

Charlie: The meats and cheeses are delicious. In the trip notes they recommend the best dishes for you to try which is really helpful.

Chelley: … and coming home to an aperol spritz. Fabulous!

Charlie: The highlight for me was walking down this steep, steep hill. As you near the bottom you see blue and turquoise clear waters and white sandy beaches…

Chelley: Our own private beach. What a spot. Absolutely spectacular - we enjoyed a little bit of paradise with hardly any other people about… Just beautiful. But even with the rough terrain and when we walked through woodland and down gorges was just as spectacular. The wildness of some areas, where we felt so remote from anywhere, was wonderful. Just the two of us and peace and quiet - bliss, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. I can’t wait for our next adventure together!

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