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Keep hearing about cold nights in the tea huts even on the relatively low Sanctuary walk.  There's a confusion of grading systems for sleeping bags (and fleeces) varying from country to country (3 or 4 seasons or down to so many degree C).  And still people posting messages about how cold it is.  Very tempted to suggest my wife and I find a double arctic sleeping bag!  Why-oh-why isn't there a standard system as there is for duvets  (tog ratings)? 

What's the recommended sleeping bag requirement for Annapurna sanctuary in Feb / Mar? 


Hi, I've done a number of trips in Nepal, both in teahouses and camping.  I don't recommend a double sleeping bag as the vast majority of tea houses do not have double beds.  What you need is mid-range relatively lightweight down sleeping bag, with a fleece liner if you feel the cold.  These tend to cost around £150-200. If you won't have much use for it after the trip and so don't want to spend the money, alternatively you can hire very good (although slightly bulky) down bags from Exodus in Nepal to pick up at the hotel on arrival.  You may want to take your own liner to feel nice and hygenic.  This is probably the best option for you.

Emma Riddle


Very helpful advice!  I had thought of the shortage of double beds and wondered how my my wife would cope in the cold......

Does 'mid-range' refer to the price or the filling?  You see what I mean about the need for a standard 'tog' rating equivalent for sleeping bags? 

  Best wishes,  Mike & Penny

Mid-range refers to price.  There is a bit of a tog rating in the sense that you can look at the down fill of the bag (although US and English calculations vary): between 600-700 fill power should do the trick.  In your situation though, I would hire one. 

Emma Riddle

Staff member

The confusion coems as different amnufacturors talk about seasons - pushing teh standard 4 seasons to 5 or 6 as you get into bags for higher altitude. LooA 600-700 fill would be down to about minus 6 or 7 comfort which is perfect in a tea house if you have a line. Emma is right in that hiring locally can be a good option. Cheers Jim

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