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Escape the crowds and lose yourself on Nicaragua’s white sand beaches, dramatic volcanoes and colonial towns

Tours in Nicaragua

Mark Twain’s 'earthly paradise', Nicaragua is lush and green, a land that offers plenty of rainforest adventure, tropical beach paradise and faded colonial beauty. Like Eden, Nicaragua has everything. In fact, the only thing Nicaragua holidays don’t have is crowds.

The revolution and the violent images broadcast around the globe in the 1980s have kept tourists out of the country, but it now has the lowest crime rate in Central America. Our Nicaragua tours have everything from glorious beaches and cultured cities to wonderful walking and cycling.

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Nicaragua Adventure Holidays

Highlights of Nicaragua

1. Cultured colonial cities, Granada and Leon: The oldest city in Latin America, Granada is awash with cobbled streets, grand colonial squares, carved wooden doors and elegant homes arranged around pretty courtyards. Leon is the intellectual capital of Nicaragua – a pastel-hued colonial city boasting excellent universities, art museums, historic landmarks and plenty of cultural events to keep you entertained.

2. Nicaraguan culture: A legacy of the revolution is the spirit of the people; friendly, fiery, political and passionate about social justice, they’ll add life and spice to any adventure holiday in Nicaragua. Eat traditional food from street stalls: dishes of creamy curd, blackened plantain bananas, mango sprinkled with chilli and sticky barbecue chicken. 

3. San Juan del Sur: Here there are a dozen or more glorious beaches where you can enjoy views of the crashing Pacific from a Tiki bar or luxury hotel.

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