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Laid-back Laos instantly charms with its golden temples and easy-going charisma

Adventure Holidays in Laos

With spectacular limestone karst scenery, rice paddies and rugged forested hills fringed by waterfalls, sleepy Laos is home to both indigenous tribes and countless natural wonders. Its boarders were closed until the 1970s, hence Laos remains relatively undiscovered and untouched by development, especially compared with neighbouring Thailand and Vietnam. In the far north the traditional way of life continues. Luang Prabang, a world heritage site, typifies the tranquil atmosphere of this beautiful country.

Buddhism reigns supreme here, so make sure you go to a Tak Bat, an alms giving ceremony where meditating monks collect offerings from local people at dawn. Or try Baci, a sumptuous vegetarian feast and bracelets-tying ceremony that blesses people with a healthy life. After a day spent visiting pagodas and temples, head to one of the bustling night markets in Vientiane which come to life with an assortment of food stalls and bars jostling for prime position.

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Laos Adventure Holidays

In focus: Luang Prabang

Luang Prabang in the north is a sleepy little town on the banks of the Mekong that was once the capital of Laos. At independence Vientiane became the capital, and Luang Prabang slipped into quiet neglect. Its shady avenues, crumbling colonial architecture and numerous Wats – Buddhist temples – give the town a unique charm, heightened by a pleasant climate, superb setting amid steep forested hills, and the riverfront sloping down to the Mekong.

“The Luang Prabang atmosphere seeps over you” says Exodus overland driver Philip Normington. ”Mooching along the avenues, slipping into the cafes, trying the street food, wandering into a Wat to hear the monks chanting… Saffron-robed monks still parade along the main street at dawn, collecting alms from the local people, but in the evening the street is transformed into a dazzling market. A bike is the perfect way to explore this seductive place. On one day we rode out to a local beauty spot, Kwangsi Waterfalls, and had a sumptuous picnic between dips in the pools at the foot of the falls. Laos is quite addictive, and very difficult to leave!”

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For children growing up in rural Laos, opportunities to see their own cultural heritage are few and far between.

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