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I have been reading the trip notes and would like to confirm 2 is straightforward to exchange £ sterling instead of $US ? ( this would save me doing a double exchange and losing money.Although I know I won't be able to take Scottish banknotes).

 Walking trainers/ shoes will be alright to walk with?  I am presuming it is not necessary to have heavy walking boots with ankle supports ?

Any advice on how much money for the 2 week trip? Is £500 too little / too much ?

I did the trip last year and wore my lightweight walking shoes everywhere. They were fine, I don't think anyone had heavy walking boots on. Some decent sandals would be good for the days with less walking.

Sorry, I don't really know about changing £s over there, we decided to take 500 Euros each and had some left over at the end. The tour guide met us at the airport and took us to change money straight away. If you have Sol as your guide you'll definitely be in good hands. Enjoy the trip!


Hi, am off on AZI later this month and am also curious about the £ issue. Trip notes clearly say £ as accepted as € and $ but other websites seem to focus on €. Did you come to an conclusion?
Any other tips on Madagascar also welcome! :-)


hi I went to Madagascar with another company but I took pounds and changed them at the airport without any trouble. I had to have euros back when I changed my left over money.

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