To Everest base camp trekkers

It would be nice to hear from you if you are trekking to Everest base camp in November.  I am very excited about the trip.



Hi, Myself and a friend (Shaun) are booked on this trip. It's been a long ambition to do something like this so we are really looking forward to the trek. 



Me and husband Terry on the trip.  Not quite ready and raring yet.




Hi all,looking forward to the trip in November.Has anyone been to Nepal Before?john .


My sister (Katy) and I are joining the trip - we're meeting up in Kathmandu as I'm based in India at the moment, we're both kinda training - although i think she's doing better than me! I reckon she's terrified i'll outpace her but she'll kill me when she reads that!! - can someone look after her on the plane if you see her and make sure she gets on?! Think she's travelling Jet over to Nepal via Dehli... see you all there!!

By the way - are people crazy training - are we ambling or trekking??


Well im getting the plane from London so im sure i will see her on the plane somewhere.Not doing crazy training just general gym stuff.How long have you been in India for?Sounds like you better get in training too,cant have you sister beating you lol


I am Chris, joining the trek, and it is my first time to Nepal, but not my first time trekking with Exodus. Looking forward to meeting you. I am getting in to lists of things to do before departure - does not seem very long now. I have found the Lonely Planet Guide 'Trekking in the Nepal Himalaya' very helpful in preparing for the trip - loads of helpful tips and information, including notes on the Base Camp trek.

Chris Dain


Hi all,

Really looking forward to this trip and meeting everyone in a few weeks.. It's my first time to Nepal and can't wait!



Hi, My name is Konrad and I'll be travelling on the trip from 15th Nov 09. I'm doing this trip on my own to escape the rat race, whinging general public and rush hour traffic - and it's usually my annual pilgrimmage to do something stupid and expensive by myself. Last year I travelled South America by myself and this is my first 'organised' trip. I'm investigating whether to take my own pack of about 18kgs rather than hand it to a yak, just to prove to myself I can do it - you know, English stiff upper lip n' all that. If I'm lying face-down in the dust somewhere, could someone take my rucksack to a yak??

Look forward to meeting you all!



Just seen your note. Admire your plan to carry your own gear - tough job, but someone has to do it. What trip are you on - I think (hope) the others on this message string are departing London 1 Nov, or joining in Kathmandu 2 Nov - are you on the same one??

Chris Dain

John and Paul will be joining you. First time for both in Nepal and very much looking forward to the trip. See you in Heathrow


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