Adventure in Indonesia: which Island?

Hello everybody




My name is Zeno, I'm a 19 years old guy from Italy.




My plan is to spend one month from mid June to mid July ind Indonesia, all by myself. It is the first time I'm visitng Indonesia, so I don't really know where to start.




I can consider myself as quite rugged, it's going to be a bapacking trip and I want to truly live the Indonesian nature and life, without the help of any guide (if I can..). I want to explore it by myself! Sleeping on the beach on a hammock or up on some mountain wouldn't be a big deal, I love being surrounded by untouched nature and nothing else.




I am looking for a place with not many tourists, but where I may find some friendly Adventurer like me and team up for some while. But this isn't the biggest deal: I love being by myself.




I love hiking, and along with scuba diving and photography, I'd like it to be one of my main occupations in Indonesia. Where should I head for the best hiking trails? I think I will move around by public transportation, even if I might consider renting a motorbike (I'm working on my driving licence.. but I'll have it by this summer!).




So, this is an approximate description of my trip-style. The big question is: where should I head? In my mind I was thinking of Sulawesi, starting from the North (beautiful parks and diving sites), and gradually go south, following the heart and the local suggestions. I'd love to visit Togean Islands too!




Would you guys agree with me? I was also considering Flores, Java and Sumatra, but I haven't really studied them (I was more focused on Sulawesi, but now I'm thinking that it's plenty of wondeful places in Indonesia, which I just don't know!), so I'm very open to experienced suggestions. Also, I could start one one Island and thenfly off to another one, it depends on hoe much each island has to offer.




Thanks for your time,




all the best




Good to see that someone is willing to spend amidst nature and not worried about accomodations, travel etc. I have been to Indonesia but mainly towards the eastern side since it attracts less travellers. Alor, Derawan are places that you should absolutely visit. My advice would be to explore the eastern part of Indonesia first and then decide upon which way to go. For your reference I am also attaching two links:


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Starting from the bustling capital Makassar, you’ll head deep into Tanah Toraja, an area of highlands where traditional architecture and practices are at their strongest. You’ll witness vibrant festivals and unique customs, including a trek to the extraordinary ‘hanging graves’


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Indonesia tourist attractions are many and shifted. From interesting and enthusiastic cities, for example, Yogyakarta to little towns where the pace of life is slower; from the pristine beaches and waters of the Komodo Islands to the volcanoes of the ring of fire; from the thick wilderness to the dry Australian Assignment Service scenes; from the traditional dances to the delicious food there are many activities in Indonesia.

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Check out this Bali vacations. Read their itinerary. This might help you.

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I also plan to go to Indonesia in 15 days, can you recommend me some places not to be missed, Zeno? me also referenced many many pages on website:  wuxiaworld and news today But they do not seem to help me

Indonesia is a genuinely huge nation. With an archipelago of somewhere in the range of 18,000 islands, a differing blend of societies and everything from mouth-watering cooking and blasting urban areas to noteworthy sanctuaries and prime shorelines, this Southeast Asian country draws in voyagers from around the globe. Be that as it may, Indonesia is far beyond heaps of sandy shorelines and perfectly clear waters Here are probably the best places to visit in Indonesia, in no specific request.  Best Proofreading Service UK















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