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Where the natural might of the River Danube meets the cultural splendour of this proud nation

Adventure Holidays in Hungary

From the historic inner-city areas to dramatic scenery, a holiday to Hungary has enough to satisfy any traveller. As the morning light breaks across the River Danube and gives way to panoramic views over the magnificently preserved capital Budapest, feel humbled by the relationship between culture and nature at the heart of Europe. 

Budapest, Hungary's capital, is actually two cities - Buda, dominated by the Castle Hill Palace complex high above the river, and Pest, the bustling and more cosmopolitan centre of trade. From the 14th to the 16th centuries Buda was the dominant city, before a royal settlement caused several castles to be built, and a formal union between Buda and Pest, on opposite sides of the Danube, took place in 1867.

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Hungary Adventure Holidays

Expert view: Cycling in Hungary

Our iconic Prague to Budapest Ride takes you from the cobbled streets and C14th bridges of Prague through four countries to Budapest. On the way you’ll pass world-class architectural masterpieces, UNESCO World Heritage Sites and sleepy hamlets where life has remained almost unchanged for generations. 

“Central and Eastern Europe: the new kids from the eastern bloc are undeniably amongst the coolest travel destinations on the planet right now. After many years of isolation, these countries have arrived fashionably late to the party and are making up for lost time – chic trendy cities with ruined underground bars, fantastically quiet backroads leading through scenery few tourists get to see, and some of the finest up-and-coming vineyards out there.” 

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