Kilimanjaro Rongai 13 July departure

My sister and I have recently booked the Kili climb departing from London on 13 July 2012, and it would be great to hear from anyone else who is also booked on that trip.



Me and a mate from work booked this trip back at the end of December, it seems ages ago, times already flying by!


Well mate hope your happy to carry my bag, well ladies hope the training is going well, we have been out today and its killed me, I  really need to start getting out more,


Hello chaps, I'm the other sister. Where abouts have you been training? We're doing a half marathon in April so hopefully that training will help?!


We had a good few hours on the Clwydian Range 10miles with about 2500Ft ascents. Good luck with your run, I'm sure any training helps.


We went up Cader Idris last weekend, then back home in time to watch the mighty Welsh play a rugby match.

Have you noticed that our departure date is longer on the website?


Iv'e just had a reply from the Exodus Team confirming the trip is full and that swhy its no longer on the website.

Happy days, here we go! OMG


Hi there, We're trekking the Rongai Route on July 13th – really looking forward to it.

Now, I really should start training... 



Hi everyone,

I did the same trip in December and found asking people who'd done the trip before very useful. Feel free to ask any questions that you have.

Very envious that you guys get to this for the first time. 



Balance paid and train tickets booked yesterday, now it feels real lol! So better start getting back out walking not been for weeks


Hows it going people, have you all been getting your jabs? I had my typhiod jab tonight then out walking with Sid the dog. 



Had my typhoid and yellow fever, and need to have the third Hep B jab in a couple of weeks. Also need to get some malaria and altitude sicknees pills.

We have started thinking about what clothing to take, particularly for the final ascent when it is really cold. Any thoughts on whether a ski jacket and trousers would do (with layers underneath) or should we be looking for something different?



Hello, my names Emma, my friend Clare and I are doing Kilimanjaro as a 30th Brithday present to ourselves and a marker for us both turning 30.  We have done quite a bit of walking in the past but nothing at this altitude so hoping fitness isn't going to be a problem but we'll see I guess. 

 Looking forward to meeting you all in person.




Good Evening Emma & Clare, hopefully it will be a trip to remember, and nice to here fitness isnt going to be a problem, as i might need carrying,

ive finally started collecting my kit together, and 3 more needles to go, my arm is like a pin cushion,

now really looking forward to the trip and meeting you all


My birthday next weekend too (7th) a couple of years older than 30 tho ;-).

Just thinking, this time in 2 weeks  we will all be in the air and on our way!!!


Picked up the final drugs tonight, only 1 week to go now :-)


Hey Guys and Gals. How excited am I! Just 4 days to go and I feel like a giddy school kid lol.

My doctor was reluctant to give me any altitude tablets so I guess I'm gonna have to rough it or beg, steal and borrow!

How much stuff have I bought - doubt I'll use most of it but hey!

See you all Friday



Hi everyone, its nearly time to start doubting if we've got everything sorted? i'm bound to forget something.

I'm gonna start packing tonight just in case, and I can't remember where I got this from but a good idea is to pack the Exodus kit bag flat into a normal suitcase with your stuff and then just put  your mountain gear in it when at  the hotel and leave suitcase in hotel storage with the items you dont need up there. (lets face it if anyone wants to nick some serious monies worth then an Exodus kit bag is a dead give away!!!)

Just a quick tip from a couple of freinds who have already done this, hand sanitizer, imodium, water purification tabs and baby wipes added to the bag of bits and bobs.

Also spare laces etc that you normally have in your bag, oh and batteries for cameras keep them wrapped up in a sock or something as they dont like the cold!!!


well just had go at packing bag, which turn into a bigger task than i thought' stuff was in and out but hopefully got there in the end, until tomorrow when i think of somethink else, lol and dreading the airport scales, if that dosent go well i will be the one wearing all my gear lol, well looking forward to meeting you all, hope u find bag packing better than i did 


Hello there,

All back safely! It was great to meet you all, We had a really awesome time and couldn't have hoped for a better group to trek along with. Hope to see you again down the line, whether it be in an ice-drenched, blisteringly cold, arctic wasteland with gale-force, stinging needle-winds perched atop a prehistoric, frozen supervolcano... or maybe just in a nice pub.

Stay warm, stay safe, stay lucky!




Hi everyone, hope your all recovered and thinking 'what next'?

Was the weather really that bad? YES IT WAS! on summit night anyway, but it was soon forgotten. Great group thanks for the company and laughs, and congratulations to Karl & Alexis.

Take care all Gary.

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