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Canyons, campfires and cowboys – this is a landscape that still has its wild side

Adventure Holidays in the United States

Holidays to the USA with Exodus are big, bold, all-American adventures. We take you into the heart of some of the country’s justly famous national parks to fully immerse yourself in the remarkable scenery, or deep into the south to discover the homeland of the Delta Blues. Just about everything in the USA is on a huge scale, so it’s easy to escape the crowds.

The north of the USA also boasts one of the greatest wilderness areas in the world: Alaska. The sheer size of Alaska is daunting; its total area is over a million square kilometres, yet there are only about 500,000 permanent residents. Alaska contains over 5,000 glaciers, including one the size of Switzerland, and vast areas of uninhabited wilderness. It is by far the largest state of the USA, and includes vast empty tundra plains, mountains, glaciers, rivers and forests; all this combined with its fascinating history make holidays in Alaska the perfect adventure. 

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United States Adventure Holidays

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In focus: National Parks in the USA

California’s Yosemite National Park is blessed with vast areas of forest punctuated with granite outcrops – home to a healthy population of black bear. Further east, the somewhat drier state of Arizona has more barren, but no less striking, scenery. The Grand Canyon is jaw-droppingly huge and stretches off into the distance both long ways and downwards. Its steep walls are made of some of the oldest exposed rock on the planet making it a draw for geologists from all over the world. Bryce and Zion National Parks also feature stunning rock formations, best viewed as the sun sets. Then there is Monument Valley with its iconic red sandstone mesas which instantly conjure up images of cowboys and Indians fighting in old western films. Further south still and you’ll find yourself in the homeland of some of the greatest music the world has ever known, from the twang of Country strings to the deep melodic strains of the blues. 

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We offer more than 500 holidays across 100 countries on all seven continents. And although we’ve grown in the last 40 years, our philosophy stays the same: to bring like-minded people together on authentic adventures, with minimal impact to the environments and cultures we visit. We only work with reputable partners, with whom we’ve built longstanding relationships, and work on various community and environmental projects around the world. Read more about our Responsible Travel initiatives here.

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