Darvaza burning gas crater - the Door to Hell


Adventure Holidays in Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan is not the best known tourist destination around, and certainly not the easiest to visit with tight visa regulations and the occasional closed borders but it is a fascinating place. One of the five ‘stans’ which made up The USSR’s Central Asian territory before its collapse in the early 1990s, Turkmenistan is probably the least known. Made up largely of desert, the country’s rich gas deposits is reflected in the fascinating Darvaza pit. Also known as the door to hell, this gas pit has been burning since 1971 and is a site unlike any you’re likely to have seen. The capital city, Ashgabat is also an unusual place with the world record for white marble buildings and monuments, a previous world record in the biggest flag, a world record in the biggest carpet… it is a city that likes to make things on a grand scale.  

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Turkmenistan Adventure Holidays

Independence Monument, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
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The Five Stans of the Silk Road

Epic journey through the heart of Central Asia from post-Soviet monuments to exquisit Silk Road era mosques and from deserts dotted with camels to mountain pastures dotted with yurts.

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23 days Excl. Flights
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Activity Rating - Leisurely/Moderate
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