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Pristine beaches, dense jungle, surprising cities – it’s easy to see why Thailand charms travellers

Adventure Holidays in Thailand

Thailand holidays offer much more than they are often given credit for. From busy Bangkok – where glittering Buddhist temples and ancient Thai culture stand defiantly against the rapid pace of development – to the still primitive hill tribe villages in the northern highlands, and the tropical paradise of the Gulf of Siam, Exodus Thailand tours promise to get you off the beaten track, and closer to real Thai life than ever before.

Our trips to Thailand take you away from the beaches, and to a treasure trove of historical and cultural sites. Here the people are overwhelmingly friendly and the food is fantastic. All this is complemented by rich jungle landscapes, verdant paddy fields, and fine seascapes. 

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Thailand Adventure Holidays

Highlights of Thailand

Adventure Holidays in Thailand are usually based in Chiang Mai, a great base for hill tribe trekking and river rafting.

Food: Thailand is famous for its fragrant street food, and we offer special culinary departures for those who’d like to sample this. On some of our trips there’s also the opportunity to take part in a cooking course in Chiang Mai.

Cycling: it’s the perfect place for cycling holidays too, with mainly easy cycling through rural landscapes including rubber and eucalyptus plantations, as well as tapioca and rice fields. There are a few easy rolling hills, but the route is mostly flat.

Trekking: we walk past hill tribe villages whilst exploring the surrounding area, and spend the night in a village house. There’s spectacular scenery here, and the highlands are home to many of the minority groups that have migrated into Thailand from Burma, Tibet and Southern China. 

The people: the warmth of the Thai people is undisputed, and for many people the highlight of a journey here is meeting the local people and discovering their unique customs.

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Responsible Travel

We offer more than 500 holidays across 100 countries on all seven continents. And although we’ve grown in the last 40 years, our philosophy stays the same: to bring like-minded people together on authentic adventures, with minimal impact to the environments and cultures we visit. We only work with reputable partners, with whom we’ve built longstanding relationships, and work on various community and environmental projects around the world. Read more about our Responsible Travel initiatives here.

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