tibet exploxer

anyone going on the tibet exploxer trip departing 13th Oct 12 ? if so please post a message.

anyone going on the above trip

anyone going on the tibet exploxer trip departing 13th Oct 12 ? if so please post a messa

Hi Mag 1,

We are booked to go on this trip departing on saturday 13th October, booked it back in Oct 2011 and really looking forward to it.  Have never visited this area before, although we have been to China a few years ago, how about you ?


Hi Terry I very pleasant surprise this evening to have a reply to my post. I booked this trip in Jan of this year. I have not been to this area before and really looking forward to seeing the landscape , meeting the people and experiencing the culture. One of my dreams is to visit the roof of the world. 

I have been to china in 2009.

What part of the country do you live? will be good to hear back from you.


Hi Maggie,

Nice to hear from you, we live in Portsmouth but are originally from mid Wales.  We were in China in 2008, but it was just a short hoiday, 14 days if I remember correctly amd a very crammed itinerary, we were up for breakfast every day before 7 am.  We did however see some fantastic sights, just wish we had gone for longer and had more time to enjoy the sights.

We are more than a little concerned at the moment as to whether we will actually get to Tibet, have you seen the news regarding the closure of the borders by the Chinese government.  I actually phned Exodus on Thursday because i was looking for some clarification of a couple of points, and I was told that they were in the process of contacting everyone who was booked to travel to Tibet to advise as to the current situation.  Since then I have heard nothing and I will be sending Exodus an email tomorrow to see if I can find out what the current situation is. 

If I hear anything I will of course let you know, we would be gratefull to hear from you if you have any further info, hopefully it will all blow over fairly quickly, we will ceertainly be very dissapointed if we do not get to Tibet.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon

Terry and Derrill



Yes I know the situation is of concern. I too hope that the closure is short lived. I had an email from EXodus explaining the situation. I called today and the company of course are unable to confirm anything. Joanna felt that we should get to Tibet as the trip is over 4 months away. I have been into the news from Tibet and there is an element the ban is also connected to Saga Dawa festival in June for 1 month. Along with the imolotion has caused the closure,  although  in 2008 Tibet was closed for 1 year. Difficult time. We will be positive and look forward. I plan to contact the company in three weeks time. We will be for ever hopeful. 

I live in Edinburgh many miles from Portsmonth. I had hoped we could have met up before our trip. A bit to travell to meet for a drink. We will meet in Oct.  There are three of us travelling, two other girlfriends.

I will lok for a response from you.

Take care Maggie



Hi Maggie,

Just a quick note to let you know that I spoke to Exodus yesterday re this holiday, Joanna was rather cautious regarding the prospect of this departure taking place, however when pushed the impression I received was that her gut feeling was that we should be ok.  Apparently some restrictions have now been lifted, but British passport holders are still not welcome.  We are still hoping that we can go to Tibet, I guess that we will find out for sure in the next tree weeks.

Have you had any contact with Exodus, if you have I would love to know what your thoughts are.

All the Best



I'm not booked on this trip but was booked to do the Lhasa-Kathmandu cycle ride in September.  This trip has now been cancelled because of the Visa situation.  Gutted.  I really hope that the visa situation is sorted for you guys.

 Hi Terry good to hear from you.

I have been in contact with Exodus on a very regular basis. I called again after reading  your post today.

 Joanna appeared very hopefully that the Oct trip will go ahead, although naturally she could not give a 100% guarantee.  She had stated that the agents in Lhasa had intimated that by September the restrictions will be lifted for UK passport holders. There has been unconfirmed details of uk citizens  obtaining permits from kathmandu in one day. She had advised to call again in next Tuesday  I have also been monitoring the posts on thorntree LONELY PLANET.  The suitation has changed slowly. I can only hope that things will change for us.

To meet you both would be a delight.


Hi Einstein ,

I did see on Thron tree last night that your trip in September had been cancelled. I must admit that my feelings and thoughts go to you. I can reallly understand your disappointment.  Joanna did talk about the folks going out in September. I could feel she related to the clients and the disappointment you will feel. Odd politic suitation for all. I hope that you can realise your dream in a not to distant future.

Take care Maggie

 I was on LOnelyPlanet only a few minutes ago Clearly stated that UK passport holders are getting permits.

 I have also spoken with EXodus not comitting themselves now. makes me think the trip will be cancelled. I am going to hold on until the balnce is due on the 18th August and see what they do.

ANy comments.


Hi Maggie,

We are starting to think that this trip is very unlikely to take place as time now seems to be running out very quickly.  We spoke to Exodus on Friday and were offered a few alternative trips with availability, but quite honestly nothing really appealed.  If this year does not happen I think that we are resigned to putting the holiday on hold until next October.  We already have a very big holiday planned for Jan 2013, so we may end up just having a cheap beach holiday somewhere warm in October.

We are still keeping everything crossed however, you never know the border could re-open tomorrow !!


Hi Terry,

 Yes I agree with you. I do believe the trip will be cancelled. The email is preparing us for the inevitable. However, time will tell. Gradually I have had come to the realisation that I will not get on this trip this year. From 20th -25th August no permits will be issued owing to another festival in Tibet. Apart from anything EBC is closed presently to tourists and there are strict restrctions.

I do feel so disappointed. Like you I am going to book next year and hope this will not happen for us next year.

I have looked at other trips and I had wished next year to visit south India. This year the trip is leaving on the 6th Oct for 21 days. I have asked to keep a place for myself and my friend.

Terry hopefully we will meet if not this trip there is next year. I will drop a line when we have heard the outcome decision from Exodus.

Speak soon.


Hi Maggie,

I imagine that you have had a call from exodus today with the bad news.  I had already resigned myself to the fact that we were not going to get to Tibet this year, but it still came as a dissapontment today when we had the phone call.  We are going to try again next October and have asked exodus to let us know when dates for that time in the year become available.  At least we can put the deposit towards our holiday in January.

I hope that you enjoy yourself in India and maybe our paths will cross in Tibet next October instead, have a great time travelling wherever you go.

Best wishes 



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