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Winter Bestsellers

Bestselling Winter Holidays

Our bestselling Winter Holidays highlight the range of adventures we offer. From Bobsledding to Dogsledding; Cross-Country Skiing to Snowshoeing, our Winter Activity Holidays are Winter Holidays with a difference. Our ethos is simple. It’s all about seeking out alternative ways to have fun in the snow, so you won’t find standard ski holidays here.

Instead stupendous snow-draped landscapes are a dramatic backdrop to your travels; the soundtrack is silent, bar the crunch of fresh snow beneath feet and swoosh swoosh of cross-country skis or snowshoes; and then there’s the thrill of cold air rushing past your cheeks as you zip down the mountain on a bobsled or zoom along a frozen lake on a sled pulled by huskies. Whatever you choose, with Exodus, you’ll escape the crowds not join them. Find out more about our most popular trips below.

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