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I have recently decided life is to short! There are so many things I want to do and places I want to see, I have no commitments at the moment so decided next year is the time to start my travels. I will be traveling solo. Been looking at the TATRA WINTER ACTIVITY WEEK for a place to start.

Any reccomendations or advice would be appreciated :).

Hi ive been traveling solo with exodus for lots of years. And have always got on with fellow travellers. Your first choice looks a good. I did a similar one in Finland. With an opption of snowboarding. Enjoy your travels wherever they tack you. As for recomendations : Vietnam, Romania, Cuba, India grand tour. Singapour as a stopover to Aus or new zealand just to name a few.


Winter weeks are really good fun and very sociable. You should enjoy a multi activity week as your first venture onto an Exodus trip. If you are travelling Solo or as a couple all the Exodus trips are ideal. Hard to reccommend a particular without knowing what you enjoy. If you like comfort and want beautiful scenary whist staying in Europe for future trips why not try TWU Classic Dolomites for a summer trip or for winter try the CIS Snowshoeing week.  Enjoy your first Exodus trip. KDM


I did my first ever Exodus trip earlier ths year and can certainly recommend dog sledding in Finland if you like the cold and animals. I travelled by myself and met some fantastic people who had been on many more trips than I , they were very helpful and great fun to be with. Have fun!


 My first Exodus trip involved trudging around Mont Blanc and I absolutely loved it. Great attitude, Jenni-Hodge; life is too short! I can certainly recommend the Mont Blanc walk.


Whatever you end up doing, have fun!

Life is a roller coaster

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