Hi my name is Becky. I am looking to link in with other people who are also going on this trip to China. It would be great to hear from you.


Hi, I am booked on this leaving 18th April, really excited not long to wait., its going to be an amazing trip.
When are you going and are going from the UK?
April / May will be variable weather across the country, so not sure what to take , also not sure about jabs, have you thought about this yet,? esp. If malaria tabs would be wise precaution given the cruise.

Cheers Rosanne


Hi Rosanne. I am not going until September. I think in china trip and thewide area it cover  there is always going to be a lot of variable weather. I have been tryin to plan ahead about what i may need lol I would like to travel light, Am i right in thinking that its only a 20kg bagadge limit?

As for Jabs i still have some in date i think. I have read up on some of the melaria advice and some areas of that that yangtze runs through are Malaria hot spots although i dont think this Cruse goes through any of them. Obviously it is always best to take some Deet spray as a precaution.

Its worth checking what the latest advice is via your local travel clinic, I would also be intrested in knowing what they advise.

Have you through yet about what currency to take your money in? i know exodus gives a lot of information about this but i just found it a little confusing.

Hope to hear from you soon Becky


I too intend to travel light, not going to be easy but I bought berghaus mule 100 traveli bag which limit me. Yes luggage limit is 20kg which is heavy to carry around like we. Will have to do lots of that I think. I am going to aim for half that plus what I'll have in my day rucksack. It will be harder for me as the weather will be cooler so will need a jacket fleece type thing and a rain coat . I am aiming to bring back more than I take so will buy a bag for that and use the rest of my baggage allowance .
Re jabs been to see the doctors and they thought all the recommended jabs were a god idea but not rabies , cholera . After a lot of checking I was advised my trip would only be a low risk for malaria but we do scoot the edge of the malaria area CHengdu and Yangzte so just to be on the safe side I am going take tablets for the a few days while we are in that area and then have take for a few more. To ensure protection. But that's just me as I know I will worry if I don't and also the mossies love me !
Have not thought about money but think I'll get a few Yuan so I have a some cash on arrival and don't feel I have to rush off and get money. Will use debit or credit cards when travelling and keep some poundsuw I tucked away as a back up.

I am not sure about the sleeper train bits , I have Ben advised to take a sleeping bag liner as in some cases they don't change the sheet between trips ! Have you any thoughts on what this might be like?

I am aiming to obtain my own visa as I think it should not be that hard to sort out and it will save £32.50 plus postage , just waiting for the bumph I need from the tour company.
Getting really excited now thinking about it and all the wonderful things we'll be seeing, we will have keep in touch so I can give a briefing on my return !!

Regards Rosanne


Hi Rosanne. Looks like you have been busy. Let me know how you get on doing the visa yourself. Did you use exodus for your travel insurance? I have been shopping around for the best deal but its a mind field lol. I am getting quotes of £70 up which I am sure is a lot more then I paid when I went to Kenya. Its hard to choose between policy's. yes it would be great to keep in touch. Becky


Will do , just waiting for the trip itinerary with where we are staying so I can send off for visa, re travel insurance I have annual cover that comes with my bank account , didn't realise I had it. Have checked and all in order for the trip no doubt I have been paying for it as part. Of my excessive bank account charges ! Will be good to get something out of it. Insurance has really gone up I went to NZ a few years back for 5 weeks cost an arm and leg! Luckily though not literally .
Bye for now

Hi Rosanne. Hope the planning is going well. Its not long now. Hope you have an amazing trip. X Becky

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