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Antarctic Peninsula

Adventure Holidays in the Antarctic Peninsula

The landscapes in the Antarctic Peninsula are spectacular, breath-taking, and mind-boggling. Large icebergs rear up against the horizon in a thousand different shapes and forms, whilst chunks of broken pack ice dot the water; inland, a sweeping ice-cap masks mountains and fills trenches, binding together a continent that is about the same size as Africa.

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Adventure Holidays

Sea Adventurer - before refit June 2017 to become Ocean Adventurer

Antarctic Fly & Cruise

The perfect short, introductory expedition to the Antarctic Peninsula, the most pristine wilderness on earth

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Polar Expeditions
8 days
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Activity Level: Leisurely
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The peninsula is home to an extraordinary array of wildlife: five species of seal including the Weddell seal, the predatory Leopard seal, and the Crabeater seal, massive penguin rookeries, a significant number of whale species and a wide variety of seabirds, including albatross, petrels, shearwaters and skuas.

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