Southern Tanzania Safari...eclipse departure

Anyone else looking forward to this trip as much as we are?
We have really loved previous safaris but the eclipse should be the icing on the cake this time.
Anyone planning to photograph the eclipse as I am? I am starting to check if I need any special; filters etc to get the best results.

I'm looking forward to the trip, got the eclipse glasses in the post this week. Photographing the eclipse - you will need a special filter or astro film, otherwise you can damage your camera. I'm taking a filter that reduces light to 1/100,000 of the normal.

This is not from's Dan (and Jan)
Thanks for the reply. I've just ordered some solar filter acetate to make my own filters for my lenses.
Looking forward to the trip and meeting everyone. Glasses arrived as well.

I'm Laurence.
I am also on the trip.Traveling out from Heathrow on the 27 August.
Looking forward to meeting you all.

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