Mount Toubkal Long Weekend Winter


I'm booked for the Mount Toubkal long weekend trip starting on 17th November. I haven't done any winter climbing previously but did do Mount Toubkal last year in the autumn.

So my first experience with crampons / ice axes - anyone have any tips / advice?

I also did a trip this summer with my family and we talked to fellow travellers on this forum beforehand and met at the airport, which was great to do.




I've also booked onto this trip and cannot wait. I've never climbed Mount Toubkal, or used ice axes/crampons, so it'll be my first experience as well.

It would be great to, at the very least, meet at the airport beforehand.

Less than 2 months to go!


Hi guys
I will be on this trip and have used crampons and ice axes for ice climbing, but this is going to be more walking.
Tip for crampons would be good boots with right rating - I'm taking a pair of b2 rated mountain boots - just make sure you don't have too much space in the toe as I found ice climbing it causes your actual toes to get a hammering.
If we are in c1 crampons we aren't going to be ice climbing though.

I'm flying out from Manchester so will probably meet you there.
Is going to be great

I'm booked on this as well, along with my son.
I do have some winter experience, but my son doesn't.
As has been said, B1/B2 boots and C1/C2 crampons should be fine. Tip is to make sure they are correctly sized to the boot and fitted before you need to use them. They need to be fitted as tightly as possible so that you dont get extra movement when walking.
We will be going from Gatwick.
Looking forward to it.

Just some info - I contacted Exodus about the kit bags they are sending and looks like most walking poles might be a bit long 600mm bag and 700mm Leki poles.
So solution is a suitcase with their bag inside and transfer what you need for trek on arrival.

Also probably preaching to the converted but everyone knows to take the essentials like gloves, liner gloves, baselayer, down jacket / belay jacket and the like.
If you are taking a Camelbak I have seen them and other models freeze so insulate the tube.

If you've never been to Marrakech before it is a great place and hopefully get a few hours to explore before and after trek.

If anyone wants any info on anything drop me a message - don't have all the answers but happy to help if I can


Hi there,

So, I contacted Exodus re the boots. I have a pair of good, old walking boots but they are not B1. Anyway, I send them details and apparently they are fine for the type of crampons they use. If you don't have a pair of B1 boots, it might be worth contacting Exodus to see if you existing pair of boots are suitable.

Worth knowing about the poles. Do you know when they are sending the bags out?


Don't know when the bags will arrive but a couple of weeks before was mentioned.

Good that your boots are set, it's all about the flexibility and quality of the soles. I take it you've done some UK treks then, this is going to be a cool trip and be nice to break out some winter skills.

Hi Guys,

I'm sorry I haven't responded to any of your posts - when I wrote mine I ticked the box asking for an e-mail when someone replies......but never heard anything so assumed no one had seen my post!!

Juts one week to go and really pleased to hear from you all. Meeting up at Gatwick would be great (sorry Phill, meet you in Marrakech!). What we found worked before was to have a WhatsApp group or at least each other's mobile numbers to be able to make contact. Mine is 07831 444830 - please feel free to text / call / WhatsApp before next Thursday and hopefully we can all meet up.

I'll keep an eye on this post now to make sure I don't miss any replies.

Great to hear from you all - looking forward to this time next week.


Right I should be in Marrakech around lunchtime Thursday.
Will meet you all there - by the sounds of it I am the only northern monkey joining you guys

Safe travels and looking forward to walking up the hill with you all.

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