Anyone going on this trip ?

Anyone going on this trip ?


Yeah, I'm booked on this one- should be awesome! Looking forward to meeting the group too- hopefully its a good bunch. You all sorted re kit etc?



Woohoo Finally - was starting to wonder was the trip actually going to happen :)

Got flight details today so getting excited now ...

kit nearly sorted - shots all finished too - you all set ? Travelling alone ?


Nice to see some comments on here - at least there'll be 3 of us on the trip!! Where is everyone else?? Got my final shot yesterday and changed the malaria tabs - larium did not agree with me! :(
I'm travelling alone and from what I hear from Exodus it's a really mixed group - can't wait!


Ah I am glad to see some other single travellers :o) Have been in Kenya for nearly a month now and really looking forward to this trip. See you all on Sunday!


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