Kilimanjaro & Zanzibar - 25 Sept Departure

Anyone out there going on this trip??


Hi ,

    we are booked on this trip.

Hello Gail,

Looking forward to the trip, but getting more nervous as it gets nearer the time, going with hubby roadrunner, are you taking anyone with you?.


Hi Annie & Roadrunner!

I'm travelling alone, so am keen to hear who else out there is going on the trip. Like you, looking forward to it but a little apprehensive! Training in full flow - running, incline walking, leg strength work at the gym. Have you done anything like this before? I did the Inca Trail and Mount Kinabalu in Borneo last year and Adam's Peak in Sri Lanka this year - not quite the same scale as Kili but it helps! Are you flying on the group flights from Heathrow?

Hello Gail,

Well you sure have been training, is there anywhere you have not been? Ha! Like youself we did the Inca Trail a few years ago, whatta time we had, it was fantastic, We have gone up Snowdon a few times this year, pratice for the Welsh 3 peaks, and we are only 50 mins away from the Brecon Beacons, but its trying to fit work and everything in.  We are flying 30 mins behind you, flying with Ethiopian Airways, as we have extedned Zanzibar for a couple more days, and Kenyan airways wanted to charge us £300.00 extra, so there is a good chance we will see you at Heathrow, I will be the one in the bar drinking a large red wine!!!!






Definitely a girl after my own heart - the old vin rouge is my fave tipple!! Though I will be trying to minimise alcohol consumption in the run-up to Kili to make sure I'm in peak form!! We'll have to try & organise a meet at Heathrow then - always good to know at least a couple of faces in advance. I have to stick to training in the gym as I live in Luxembourg and it's not terribly hilly round here! Think I have all the gear I need, collected over various trips, but as I do more of them, I realise I need to take less & less! For Kili, as long as I a never-ending supply of wet wipes & tissues, I reckon I should be good ;-)


Hi folks,  I'm booked on this trip too.  Another vote for excited and apprehensive as there aren't many hills in the South East of England for practising.  I haven't gone as far as Gail and cut down on alcohol consumption, that sounds very dedicated!  I'm more likely to be joining Annie with a large red to help with sleep on that overnight flight.  Only three weeks to go!!Nick

Hello to Gail & Nick,

I just recvd confirmation there are six of us in the group altogether, which sounds really cool. 20 more days to Heathrow, I dont know about you guys, but it is comming around too quick now, and getting more nervous by the day, havent hill climbed for weeks now, but trying to keep fit. Nick I am from Ongar, do you come from anywhere near?. Keep in touch both, speak to ya soon.

Annie & Paul



The cutting down that is, after 2 bottles of white wine on my terrace with a friend Friday night (yes, just the one!) and a good night out on Saturday till 2am!!! Ah well, the intentions are good!!  It sounds like meeting up in Heathrow over a glass of red on the evening of 25/09 is a welcome plan for all ;-)

Wow, just 6 in our group? That sounds very cosy! Wonder who the other 2 are then...? Have just put in an order for spare camera batteries - I'm guessing charging facilities will be like hen's teeth up that wee hillock!!

19 and counting!!


hi there

I'm one of the other 2!  And you've just reminded me that I need spare batteries:-)  Travelling alone and looking foward to meeting you all in a few weeks.


17 days to departure, oh my goodness,  before you know

it we will be at the real departure lounge Heathrow, well its now or never, carnt wait to meet everyone, we are of upto the Toon at the weekend, Great North Run yikes, our last little training before the big day, see you all soon,


Annie & Paul

Hi all and especially to Maura, another lone traveller, who I suspect will be nicknamed No. 7 from now!! I am getting as much gym time in as possible now! Started sorting out all my stuff this week - I have to pack my bags this weekend as I know I won't have time next week due to a hellish week at work and I fly over to London on the morning of Sat 24th (after the company's 20th anniversary party the night before - good timing ;-)!!

How meeting at the Bridge Bar (after security and turn right) in T4? (Can you tell I've been there before?!?)


That sounded like the best idea ever, however we are unable to meet up with  you, as we are flying from T3, (and yes the location does sound a tad familiar ha!), so it will be for our last beer in the hotel, at our meeting on Monday, we were so looking forward to meeting up at the airport, have a great weekend everyone, were flying to Newcastle in morning, alarm set for 3am. speak to you soon x

We will see you soon enough in Africa though. Anyone else up for it? If not, see you on the plane or in Nairobi! Not long now!!!

Hey everyone on trip,

Just a few days left, very very nervous now, see you all soon in 4 days time, "Bon voyage", see ya Monday afternoon,


Annie & Paul




Hi Gail,

It would be great to meet up at the Bridge Bar.   About 6.00 then?  I'll be the one in walking boots.



Hi Nick,

Great stuff! see you there! I'll be in my flip flops carrying my walking boots!!!


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