Cycling Holidays in India

Cycling Holidays in India

You could spend a lifetime exploring the nuances that make each place – and each day – in India distinctly different from the last. Each area is marked by its own food, festivals and traditions. But it’s the ever-changing landscape that makes the country such a diverse place for cyclists, with something to suit all levels of ability.

In the very north, India cycling tours include the challenging high-altitude rides of the Himalaya, the highlight of which is the route from Manali to Leh – it’s the highest rideable road in the world! Find yourself amid snow-capped peaks, stark but stunning rock formations and high mountain passes aflutter with rainbow-bright prayer flags. Famous for the glittering big hitters that include the Taj Mahal, you’ll also find sleepy, agricultural India, the rolling Aravalli hills and flat, arid desert in Rajasthan . On a bike you’re able to head off the beaten track. Villages spread out along the roads, so you really get an insight into local life.

Head south, and it's all change again. Here, Exodus India cycling trips can take you from the extravagant palaces of Mysore to the sandy beaches of Goa, along the tropical coast of Kerala, or on a journey through the Western Ghats, a luscious tangle of trees and waterfalls that are UNESCO protected. British influence – and the eccentricity that seems to go with it – lingers a little stronger here and the climate is cool.

India Cycling Adventure Holidays

Manali to Leh Ride

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The ride of your life - cycle six passes amidst the breathtaking Indian Himalaya!

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Age 18+
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15 Days from 2 779 €
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