Imperial china and Yangtze cruise

Anyone booked on this leaving 18th April UK ? Really looking forward to this it's certainly going to be full on and amazing experience . Not sure if I malaria tabs for this one , as it includes a river cruise any thoughts?

Looking forward to meeting my fellow travellers.

Best wishes Rosanne


Hi Roxanne
I am heading over for the April trip- haven't checked re malaria but have been on tablets a few times so no big deal- doubt Mosquitos will be bad at that time of year. Am backpacking it- always easiest if you have to do much walking, stairs, etc. I can usually start under 10 kg and end up slightly over...the cooler weather may be a challenge. I am pretty good at travelling light...Ruth.


Hi, glad to hear from you, I hope to travel light too ( but not sure I'll keep to 10kg !) but will have try to as I have bought berghaus mule 100, soft luggage with wheels which can be adapted to be a Back pack too sorted ! Not looking forward to the mossies but I have opted for malaria tabs as from bitter experience the mossies really love me !
Are you UK based ? Or somewhere else NZ or Aussie? I think I'll take a little Chinese money so I don't have to rush off straight away for cash though maybe not an problem. Are also a solo traveller?

Regards ROsanne


I am a solo traveller- and actually it will be a longish flight over- but thankfully non-stop! I have always wondered how one of those combo bags worked- I guess we will see......

I am likely taking some Chinese money to start with just in case so I don't have to worry right away.  Am really looking forward to this trip- we may end up as roommates!  When I went to Peru I also talked to my roommate ahead of time online......we were the only two on that trip that had made contact ahead of time. All the best, Ruth

Hubby and I joining trip on 19th. Had advise from nurse about Malaria, who said it was not needed unless we were trekking through the countryside on foot. Not sure much money to take for 3weeks. Any ideas?

I am also a solo traveller booked on this trip,I am UK based. Am really looking forward to experiencing China!This trip is a new thing for me so a little apprehensive and having a well educated guess as to what to take,i think your right Ruth the cooler weather may be a challenge regards to packing but have seen online that its quite warm and very wet at the moment. I have opted to not take malaria tablets but am going to check with Exodus next week. I am going to take some Chinese money and some Dollars but get money out as we go.Do you think a mosquito net would be useful? Rosanne are you on the group flight from Gatwick on the 11th ?
Looking forward to meeting you both.

Hi all,
I seem to have new name on the posting but its still Rosanne posting.
Rachel I am flying out on the 18th April . Sounds like you are either going out early or on another trip to me. I have got malaria tabs as precaution thought we are on the river and very close to the malaria area and mossie's can't read . But I think I am being a bit over cautious. Think the weather in Begjing will be fairly warm around 10/12 degrees but may be being optimistic. I am trying to travel lite but haven't done a trial pack yet will be interesting ! Mossie net won't take up much room so I would throw it in. Re money I will rely on debit and credit cards and cash . There is plenty of ATMs and can change money in all hotels we stay in. Not sure about taking my IPAD, Are any of you taking tablets or laptops?

Looking forward to meeting you all.
Best wishes Rosanne aka Somerset-Rose

Has everyone managed to get their visa's ok. ? Got mine back last week, I had to send a more upto date photo but they still processed it very quickly.

Been practising with chop sticks, not going very well !!

Cheers Rosanne

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