Hi to anyone volcano climbing!

Just a quick hello from me a month before we head off to Ecuador. I'm flying into Quito independantly with KLM the on 27th to help get over jetlag and cut costs. Am staying on a fortnight after the trek to head south and try to get up Chimborazo, then head down to Lima to fly home on Aug 23rd. Happy to team up if anyone has similar plans. Did TPJ in May with my wife, but she's not keen to climb so high so doing this trip by myself. Hasta luego! Phil


I'll be on that trip, i'm departing on the 28th July. I can only stay for the 2 weeks, (i think it's 2 weeks, ha ha ha, i can't remeber!).

It looks like a lovely trip and i can't wait!



Hi, looking forward to the trip too. Trying to climb a few hills in the next 4 weeks, between work! Also trying to learn some spanish, beyond the most important phrase, "Dos cervezas, por favor"! Cheers, Phil

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