Amalfi Coast 6th August

Looking forward to our first holiday with Exodus and exploring this lovely part of Italy.  Who will be there too?


Hi Ros

Also looking forward to what will be my 3rd time with Exodus.  Was considering The Tuscany, but was swayed by the scenery of the Amalfi coast.  I normally chose a tougher challenge, so picked a more moderate trip this year, anyway catch up with you guys in August.



Hi Ros, John

My first time with Exodus too. Have read a fair few reviews and I think The Amalfi trip may possibly be deceptive, i.e. harder than it looks. Also difficult  to gauge until you've been on one. Will be interesting to see how it compares to your previous experiences John. We can always race up the volcano!!




Vesuvius looks like a must visit as is Capri, but I've been told by friends to go straight up to the old town to avoid day trippers.  

Hi all,
this will be my first trip with exodus, really looking forward to it & meeting you. Are you all seasoned walkers?
See you in a couple of weeks.
Bev x

Good to hear from you all.  I am wondering how many will be in our group.  Bev - we are not what you would call serious walkers but enjoy long social walks.  Looking forward to meeting everyone.



Also looking forward to our first trip with Exodus - not sure how hard the walking wil be either, but hope it will be a great holida.

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