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Adventure Holidays to Transylvania

Count Dracula's infamy has imortalised Transylvania in Western culture, but Transylvania is also an important historical region in central and western Romania. For further details call the Exodus travel experst and discuss your travel options.

In its early history, the territory of present-day Transylvania belonged to Dacia, the Roman Empire, the Hun Empire, the Gepid Kingdom and the Bulgarian Empire. As a political entity, Transylvania is mentioned from the 11th century as a voivodeship, part of the Kingdom of Hungary. It then successively became an autonomous principality under Ottoman suzerainty in 1571, a part of the Habsburg Monarchy in 1711, and a part of the Kingdom of Romania after World War I.

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Transylvania Adventure Holidays

Transylvania's main city, Cluj-Napoca, is today considered to be the region's capital, although Transylvania was also ruled from Alba Iulia during its vassalage to the Ottoman Empire, and from Sibiu, where the Habsburg governor was located from 1711 until 1848. The seat of the Transylvanian Diet was itself moved to Sibiu for some time in the 19th century.

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