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Bestselling Mixed-Activity Holidays 

Too much choice? Have a look at some of our Best-Selling Mixed-Activity Holidays for a little inspiration. Our Mixed-Activity Holidays are the epitome of adventure, and incorporate a whole host of adrenalin-fuelled activities in both winter and summer. These holidays offer a fast paced mix of up to ten different activities, in the water, in the mountains and on the snow. At the end of the day you will have earned a beer, hot shower and a soft bed, having tried a selection of kayaking, rock climbing, biking, rafting, glacier walking, scuba, surfing, canyoning, dogsledding, paragliding and even igloo building. But these holidays are as much about the exhilarating experiences as they are about the stunning landscapes and cultures that you’ll visit. Find out about some of our Best-Selling Holidays below.

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