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I am travelling with a group of friends to attempt to climb Kilimanjaro (departing 7th July) and a few of us are concerned that our day sacks (which are as big as 32 + 8 litre) will be too big to pass as hand luggage. 

Has anyone experienced any issues travelling with Kenya Airways, especially regarding restrictions on size of bag allowed?  It may seem a bit of a OTT question but we've been advised to pack essentials into our hand luggage so do not want to risk having them checked into the hold in case of things getting lost (which we've been warned isn't exactly uncommon!)

I'd be interested to hear back from anyone who can help.




My colleague just returned from congo, where she had been working for a week down in a clinic.  She told me that she had a small suitcase as hand luggage and 2 big suitcases als main luggage.  She told me that on flights to Africa they tollerated a lot of luggage, since a lot of people are just visiting their homecountry and they often take a lot of stuff home to family and friends.  So I think you can easily take your day sack as hand luggage.





Did Kili last year and took my 35+8 rucksack on as hand luggage, was no problem. You are quite right to take essentials as hand luggage,  luggage didn't turn up for two of our group and whilst you could make do with local stuff it wouldn't be the same. They had a stressful 12hrs tracking it down and got it at about 2am when we were up and off at 8am, not the best start! Good luck!  

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