other kit whilst on Inca Trail

I'm off on the Inca Trail in May, I understand that you take the kit you need for the trail in the exodus kit bag, do you leave kit you dont need at the hotel in Cuzco? (in suitcase I assume)

We go in September and I've asked similar questions. I think you take what you need for the trek in the kitbag, which the porters carry for you (including sleeping bag and mat) - up to a weight of 7kg, then you carry anything else yourself - sounds like the less the better. I'm assuming the main case / bag is left in Cuzco, but I haven't got round to asking that one yet.

I'm sure someone who's been will give a more accurate answer before you go - which I can read as well!!

Hope you have a good trip


When I went we left our main luggage in the hotel at Cusco. There's also the opportunity to get some laundry done there too. We didn't get it done at the hotel but our guide arranged for it to be done locally overnight. Vicki.

Hi Jane - I'm on the same trip as you and had the same queries. I've just spoken to Rebecca at Exodus and got the following answers:

What most people do is pack the kit bag, and all the trek gear, inside a larger bag, which gets left at Cusco while we go off and do the trail.  KLM allowance is 20kg

The maximum weight of the kit bag loaded is 7kg, including the bag itself (just under 1kg), the thermarest mat (910g) and your sleeping bag (mine is just under 2kg).  This leaves a mere 3kg for everything else ... no room for the ballgown then ....

Other info:  if you want to buy anything from Nomad travel, the Rebecca will give you an online voucher code over the 'phone or send a hard copy voucher on request...

By the way, Rebecca was able to book my airline seats for both long flights.

Look forward to meeting you



Thanks everyone for your advice - let's hope I get the packing right, I've got no excuses!

And Pam - see you at Heathrow





Can anyone tell me what you do about camera batteries on the inca trail? I have a camera with an internal battery that comes out and is mains charged. I was wondering whether to buy a spare battery to take with me or had looked at solar chargers but can't find one that fits a camera battery. I just don't want to run out of battery anywhere on the trail! Any one got any solutions??

Sarah x

Jeff Wilkes


Take a spare battery then no risk of failure at the critical moment. Another tip is to keep batteries in your sleeping bag overnight so the charge is not lost due to low temperatures on the trail. Don't forget to take your charger with you!

I've lost the thread a bit - do we take our own sleep mats or are they provided? Anyone know?

Thanks. Gill

Hi Gill, the sleeping mats are provided (or they were a year ago). Vicki

thanks Vicki. Suppose it's a daft question - but did you enjoy the trip? And any tips?

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