Mont Blank Cicuit 11 July

Hi, any fellow travelers like to say hello?? Looking forward to my "holiday", traveling with my Son, looking forward to meeting you all at the Airport/Genev


Hi CharleyFarley, we are Clive and Kate, also looking forward to the trip!  Bought new walking boots less than a week ago so lots of blister plasters packed!  My first camping trip for 15 years, but fairly seasoned Exodus travellers: this is Clive's 10th trip, and my 8th: we met on Exodus New Zealand!  Looking forward to meeting everyone, we are land only so meeting you all in Chamonix.  Look out for the orange hair...


Hello Kate, hello Clive, Looking out for the ORANGE hair already.... and the blistered feet by Sunday teatime!!! Son Niall has worn his new boots once only.... 8mile trek over the N.Yorks Moors in knee-deep snow!!! (took 1.15hrs longer than usual) Hope you'll have 2 lrg cool beers lined up fa when we meet??

My second Exodus trip, went to Morocco with them last year. 3rd trip four weeks on from this trip, 3weeks on the Cape Town-Victoria Falls "adventure".

(how ya supossed to keep ya lugage down to 15kg??, "squeezed" mine down to 17kg, but thats down to the bones!!!) See ya both Saturday........One life......... LIVE IT!!


17kg!  You need to leave your hairdryer and make-up at home...This is Exodus you know...I'll lend you the orange wig if you're having a bad hair day...


Loan of an orande wig.......... Niall'll be in his ellement!!!!!!!!One life......... LIVE IT!!

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