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Holidays to Perinet National Park, Madagascar

  • Sunrise at a lodge, Perinet N.P, Madagascar

Perinet National Park encompasses an area of virgin rainforest and is home to a number of lemur species including the largest - the indri - with its eerie wailing call. The forest is bursting with all manner of plants, birds, insects, reptiles and mammals which can be spotted on both day and night walks.


Holidays in Perinet N.P.

Madagascan Discoverer (2016)

Madagascan Discoverer (2016)

16 days Excl. flights From
GBP £2,359.00

Explore Madagascar's unique flora and fauna, and spectacular and diverse scenery

  • Walk amongst the pinnacles of the Grands Tsingy of Bemaraha
  • Explore spectacular and diverse scenery
  • See lemurs in their natural habitat

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