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Bear Watching Holidays

Found on every continent except Antarctica, bears have always held a mystical allure. Observe Polar bears bathed in 24-hour daylight, hunting on ice around the Spitsbergen archipelago, the immense Grizzly bear fishing for salmon in North America, or the European Brown bear roaming in the verdant pine forest of the Finnish wilderness. Join Exodus on a bear watching holiday and find your perfect wildlife encounter. 

Whales & Bears of British Columbia

Whales & Bears of British Columbia

10 days From
EUR €2,765.00

Rugged scenery and wildlife of Western Canada

  • Explore Vancouver Island, the largest island on the North American Pacific coast
  • Observe Orca, Humpback and Grey whales with experienced naturalist guides
  • See the 'mythical' Grizzly bear in its natural surroundings
Finnish Wildlife Weekend

Finnish Wildlife Weekend

4 days From
EUR €810.00

Amazing wildlife in a stunning Finnish setting with highly experienced guides

  • Immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature
  • Spend a night in a hide observing brown bears
  • Stay in a comfortable lodge in stunning wilderness setting
Carpathian Culture & Wildlife

Carpathian Culture & Wildlife

8 days From
EUR €1,055.00

Search for birds, bears and other wildlife in Romania's Carpathian Mountains.

  • Discover one of Europe's last wildernesses
  • Observe a great variety of wildlife
  • Try authentic local cuisine
Canadian Rockies Wilderness Walks

Canadian Rockies Wilderness Walks

12 days From
EUR €2,090.00

Trek through the wilderness of the Canadian Rockies

  • Enjoy the pristine wilderness of the Canadian Rockies
  • Visit Icefields Parkway, Banff, Jasper and Lake Louise
  • Trek amid dramatic mountain and glacial scenery
Journey to the North Pole (2014)

Journey to the North Pole (2014)

14 days From
EUR €21,075.00

Probably the ultimate Polar voyage: sail to 90º north aboard the world's largest nuclear-powered icebreaker

  • Reach the 'top of the world' at 90 North
  • Visit Franz Josef Land archipelago
  • Travel on a nuclear powered icebreaker
Spitsbergen Explorer (2015)

Spitsbergen Explorer (2015)

10 days From
EUR €4,015.00

Explore the remarkable Svalbard Archipelago in Norway in 24 hour daylight

  • Explore the remarkable Svalbard Archipelago in 24 hour daylight
  • Experience incredible wildlife viewing including walrus and Polar bears
  • Embark on frequent Zodiac and shore excursions in this icy wilderness
Across the Top of the World (2015)

Across the Top of the World (2015)

15 days From
EUR €9,100.00

Unique expedition crossing the Arctic Circle and including the isolated and pristine Wrangel and Herald Islands of Russia

  • Explore the northern coasts of Chukotka
  • Spend four to five days exploring the wildlife-rich Wrangel Island
  • Cross the Arctic Circle
Sea of Okhotsk (2015)

 Sea of Okhotsk (2015)

12 days From
EUR €5,280.00

Experience the abundance of rarely seen wildlife in Russia's Sea of Okhotsk

  • Explore abundant seal and sea lion colonies on the Iony, Yamskie and Tyulenly Islands
  • See the beautifully marked and rare Ribbon seal in the upper regions of the Sea of Okhotsk
  • Witness a spectacular number of seabirds, including the majestic Steller's Sea eagle
Jewel of the Russian Far East (2015)

Jewel of the Russian Far East (2015)

13 days From
EUR €5,675.00

Explore the remote eastern coast of Russia, a vast wilderness inhabited by Kamchatka Brown bears, Red fox, Sea otters and an astonishing array of birds

  • Discover the Chukotka, Koryak and Kamchatka coastline
  • Two days exploring the wildlife-rich Commander Islands
  • Travel in a small expedition vessel

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